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Casting Off by Hugh Howey
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Jun 19, 12

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

If book one’s end laid me out then book two had me heart slightly broken over the more personal story of a woman coming to grips with who she was and what had come to pass, this one… this one, had my heart pumping then my blood boiling.

No longer dealing in the hypothetical’s. Here there’s a more concrete thing, establishing that that creepy feeling did in fact have basis. What’s better? She’s more or less pinpointed its source. So, no imaginary badness here; no baseless paranoia because Juliette’s too calculated and organized in her thinking, she saw people and things in ways she understood them,

“People were like machines. They broke down. They rattled. They could burn you or maim you if you weren’t careful.”

That in mind, it was her as narrator that kept me even more interested; certainly, both Holston and Jahns’s stories were quiet and heartbreaking, but its Juliette’s part of it that’s less quiet, more strong and more to the point. Her story offers a turning point in Wool. The groundwork in Wool 1 and 2 had her sprinting through everything, all the while dragging me along with to follow (helpless unwilling to get left behind.)

Her seeing what others had seen before her and then deciding what needed to be done fueled the action. Here too is a more present opposition. It’s this last one who had me wondering: another of those doing what they thought right? Or another too used to stasis, unwilling to allow for change? So with what was could be a face and name to base the paranoia and fear on, I was pleasantly surprised by the change in pace. Beginning with one woman wavering on her place; it became that same piecing things together and then finally her coming to grips with what might have been going on. Things really did go lightning-quick, but also with more questions coming out. Plus, there’s that connection while unexpected was totally welcome. It's the same that added a bit of sweetness to all that was terrifying.

This might just be my favorite in the Wool bunch so far.

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