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Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt
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Jun 11, 2012

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"I couldn't understand why anyone got married anymore. It wasn't commitment. It was murder. "

Tessa grows up in a world where emotion is a weakness and love is a death sentence. The society in Chosen Ones is built from a war that nearly causes human extinction. As bodies continue to mount up, scientists propose a strategy, a secret weapon to turn the tide of the war.

This weapon is, as the society names them, chosen ones. These beings are genetically engineered. The strength of chosen ones plays off the idea that a soldier's greatest weakness is his humanity. By stripping (or limiting) a human of their emotions and connections to others, the scientists have created a super soldier - a soldier who acts rather than reacts .

Although Tessa's people win the war, they lose much more in the process. The chosen ones are credited with the win and the society reshapes to accommodate for the special breed. The first-born natural women are forced into servitude for three years as payment to the chosen ones for keeping them alive.

Tessa's story begins the day she is branded. Because her sister died during childbirth, Tessa has to take over her post as a servant at Templeton, a training center. Here, she has to fight her feelings for James, a chosen one who shows her the beauty in restricted literature and music.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this book. Although I couldn’t connect with Tessa at the beginning, I understood her. I understood that she was conditioned to shy away from emotion. I commend Truitt on Tessa’s development, as I could see why and how certain events were able to reshape her.

I also liked the relationship between Tessa and James, though I did feel that their connection should have been given more time to develop. The great thing about these two is that they share two passions – music and reading. As a musician and a reader, I was able to really understand why these two fell for each other.

I would recommend Chosen Ones to people who enjoy dystopian romance. That said, those who are more keen on world-building than romance might want to shy away from this book.

Overall, I give Chosen Ones 3/5 stars because I enjoyed Truitt's writing style and her ability to realistically develop her characters.


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