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Jun 11, 2012

really liked it
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Read in July, 2012

Let me fill you in on a little secret. Once upon a time, I auditioned for a spot on a junior panel of piano players. It was highly prestigious, and my hands were shaking like crazy. I prepared for this for months now, and I probably played the piece a million times, had nightmares over it, and gained twenty pounds for all the ice cream I ate when I played badly. When I stepped in front of those judges, my life flashed before my eyes.

Guess what happened?

I botched the audition. And then threw up.

I'll let you decide whether that's a true story or not.

My point is, I got Julianne as she struggled with her audition to the New England Conservatory, but that wasn't important at all. The story is more than that. It's an edgy coming of age Young Adult novel with characters that made me cry my own pools. (Which was very efficient for the summer season, I might add.)

As she struggled with her crazy mother (and I do mean crazy in the most literal sense), her decade older mentor/ love interest, her decade older hilarious other love interest, and others, my hands were shaking again. What was I doing? I wasn't playing piano or anything. How could a novel make me feel anticipation that I only felt with something important? Why did I feel like I was going to throw up?

No, not because I wanted to throw up on the book. This is, in fact my favorite read of 2012. It was because I was FLAILING all over the place as I read this. Every little thing made me whisper, "Be still, my hairy heart." It was all too much for me.

Well, that, or because I was reading in the car.

The characters are amazing. Dave is perverted, older, and pretty much everything you want in a guy. Issac is akin to Heathcliff literary-wise, and also pretty hot if I do say so myself. And I know you're wary of love triangles, but let me just say, Juli is not some helpless Bella. She doesn't focus on guys. She focuses on her music, with a few sexy excursions here and there.

The writing is stellar- writers, if you want the epitome of show, don't tell, THIS IS IT. There are so many little insinuations and things you have to pick up on yourself. The writing is interactive, which is great.

So why do I refrain from giving it a glorious five stars (other than the fact that I'm afraid of odd numbers?) Well, it's purely personal, but though Juli made the right choice in the end, I DIDN'T LIKE IT. Plus, this novel left me in a literary corner for days, so really, it made me feel four stars emotionally.

Perhaps that's what actually makes WANT such "bejeezus" worthy novel.

Now, you've probably noticed that I've refrained from saying that "This was a lyrical novel that sang to me" or something like that because I hate praise puns. But, I've got to say it.

WANT was a lyrical novel that hit the notes in all the right places.



You know that moment in when you're in bed and you remember something embarrassing? And then you flail around like an idiot?

^That was me throughout the whole book. Man, does Stephanie Lawton know how to break a heart or what?

Full review will be posted on July 16th, when Missus Lawton visits Wake Up at Seven!
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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Lawton MUPPET FLAIL FTW!!!

Isabelle Stephanie wrote: "MUPPET FLAIL FTW!!!"

Oh, you like that, huh?

Oh yeah.

Emily (Book Jems) Isabelle wrote: "Stephanie wrote: "MUPPET FLAIL FTW!!!"

Oh, you like that, huh?

Oh yeah."

I'm starting to believe that you are my soulmate.

Isabelle Emily (Ed and Em's Reviews) wrote: "I'm starting to believe that you are my soulmate."

That would be awesome if it were true. We could live in a flat with hundreds of cats and buttloads of cookie dough. If you're into that sort of thing.

Emily (Book Jems) Isabelle wrote:
"That would be awesome if it were true. We could live in a flat with hundreds of cats and buttloads of cookie. If you're into that sort of thing."

Add "piles of books," "baked goods" and "macaroni and cheese at every time of the day" to that list and I'm sold.

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