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Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood
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Aug 07, 2012

did not like it
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So I think this is my last Julie Garwood for a while. At least, until she writes another historical. Since she branched into the contemporary market, I’ve found myself increasingly dissatisfied, to the point that I’ve struggled to finish books. If I hadn’t been reviewing this book as an ARC, I would have stopped reading this book after about eleven pages. The same problems keep cropping up, and there are just better books I could be spending my time on. I’ll always remember her earlier books fondly, but I know Garwood can do better.

The prologue stops me dead. It’s almost 15 pages of little girls running around, creating havoc. It’s boring, and does nothing to to move the story along. It’s nothing that couldn’t have been introduced into the main text of the story. I hate prologues that are useless. It took me a day to get past the prologue.

And then you meet Olivia MacKenzie, all grown up. And perfect. And Grayson Kincaid. Who’s also perfect. This is the problem I have with the leads in Julie Garwood’s books. They’re perfect physical specimens. So impossible sexy and gorgeous, other characters are bowled over by their looks. It’s annoying and I’m tired of reading about it. The attraction between the two is also superficial. Garwood spends a lot of time telling us that these two are crazy about each other, but all I can see is lust and sex.

The actual bare bones plot is mildly interesting, but the supporting characters are one dimensional and do nothing to prop up the leads, or give the leads complexity. The villains have no depth. The family of the MCs are just there for wallpaper. The other FBI agent, Ronan, is mildly interesting, but disappears for pages at a time, and then does nothing interesting when he is around. The three other Pips, Olivia’s childhood friends, slow down the action when they are around. Jane, the only one in the book for long periods of time, is only there to remind us that Olivia is super smart and there to save the day.

I just…I didn’t like it. And it makes me sad because I look at my Julie Garwood historicals like Saving Grace, The Wedding, and Ransom, and I think…will she ever write like that again?
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