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Charmfall by Chloe Neill
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Dec 09, 14

it was ok
bookshelves: witch-wizard
Read from June 29 to July 02, 2012 — I own a copy

(from parapith.weebly.com)

I think after three books, I have finally grown a little attached to these characters. I feel like I've just gotten to know them after this book, but this is the end.

I found the writing to be a little lacking. Most of the dialogue seems incredibly forced. Not to mention that there are entire scenes that do nothing to enhance the book.

I have the paperback version of this book and I found it very strange that the end has an excerpt from the first book. Seriously? I can't imagine there are too many people that haven't read the first one if they are reading the third.

I'm a little angry that this is the last contracted in the series. That has to be one of the worst endings of all time! None of my questions were answered! I've been waiting on some of these answers since the first book and still, I've got nothing. Why would you raise so many side plots just to leave them unfulfilled?

I had plans to read more by Chloe Neill if I liked these books, but I believe she is one more author to add to my "do not read" list.


Lily Parker is a member of an Adapt team that fights off Reapers. While the Adepts agree to give up there powers in their mid twenties, the Reapers decide to keep theirs by sucking the souls out of other humans. However, Lily has learned from Sebastian (the Reaper that shot her with Firespell which made her powers appear) that the world might not be so black and white.

As Adepts, Lily, her boyfriend Jason (werewolf), best friend Scout (spellbinder – creates and casts spells), and friend Michael (building reader – can read the architecture of a building by touching it) roam the tunnels beneath Chicago at night fending off the evil plots of Reapers. As a much needed get away, Lily decides to work on the decorating committee for the upcoming “Sneak” dance. As her and her suitemate, Lesley, are walking back to the dorms, the see a Reaper sucking the soul out of Lizabeth Cannon (a new girl who has joined up with the Brat Pack). Lily tries to stop him and discovers that she cannot use her magic. After several attempts, she fights him off with just her and Lesley’s bags. Lily runs to Scout to see what is up and finds that Scout doesn’t have her magic either.

Enclave 3 (group of Adepts that Lily, Scout, Jason, and Michael all belong to) call a meeting. Daniel (the leader for Enclave 3 and also the art teacher and Lily and Scout’s school, St. Sophia’s) tells that that the counsel is working on it. On the way back from the meeting, Lily and Scout run into Nicu (Vampire leader of the younger coven). They agree to set up a meeting between him and Veronica.

The next day, Lily gets a text message from Sebastian saying that they need to talk. Lily agrees to meet with him and her and Scout go during lunch. She finds out that the Reapers do not have their powers, but tries to make sure she does not give away that the Adepts do not either. He also tells her that the Reapers think that Scout is behind the magic “blackout.” Lily meets Sebastian’s cousin, Fayden, who does not have any magic, and agrees to Sebastian’s request to leave her out of it. After the meeting, Scout starts asking Lily if she’s going to tell Jason about Sebastian. Lily wants time to think about it, but her time is cut short when they get notified of another Enclave meeting that night.

Just as Lily is about to reveal her secret about Sebastian, Scout steps in with some story to prevent her from telling the truth. Daniel decides to have some of the Enclave to patrol the tunnels while the rest go to the Reaper’s sanctuary to see what is going on. Detroit from Enclave 2 goes with them to plant her “bug,” which Lily has to go into the sanctuary’s main room to plant. Not only do they confirm that the Reapers do not have magic, but that some of them are unhappy with their Scion (the leader of the Reaper’s in that sanctuary), Jeremiah. When they are discovered by the Reapers, the group is forced to run away. Jason is the only one who can hold them off since he can still take wolf form. They make it back to the Enclave, but Jason only makes it back with help from Nicu. Lily promises that Nicu will have his meeting with Veronica the next day. When Lily and Scout get back to the school, Scout hides her grimoire.

The next day, the fire alarm goes off in the middle of Lily and Scouts trig test. The entire building is evacuated, but Lily and Scout are not positive that this is actually something for the safety of the school. Lesley uses her prized cello as an excuse to find out that it’s a fault in the emergency system and then distracts everyone so that Lily and Scout can sneak back in. They immediately go to their dorm to find a Reaper in each of their rooms. Lily get’s the cheer-Reaper out of her room and ends up taking a picture of the back of her head while she was fleeing. Scout had another Reaper (that plays French horn) on the ground in her room. Ms. Foley walks in to see the scene and Lily comes up with a bad story about the Reaper coming into the building to help them, rather than searching their rooms for Scout’s grimiore. Lily is hoping that the Reaper will take this good-faith action and tell the other Reapers that Scout is not the answer to the blackout. Lily and Scout are punished for the mess the Reapers made in their entire suite by being made to clean it all up.

To cheer them up after the attack on their stuff, Scout decides to take Lily to Gaslight Goods—a magic store that is a neutral territory between Adepts and Reapers. While there, Scout starts going through things she plans to purchase and explains to Lily what an Icon is (small figurines that represent something in a spell). Lily starts asking about the comic books and almost gives away that Scout’s grimiore is in the form of the same kind of book. Scout explains that Gaslight Goods is Switzerland and Kite, one of the clerks, likes to gossip. He ends up telling them that the Reapers have been talking about a fairytale where a guy named Campbell uses the help of fairies to overthrow the king, but ends up being an even more evil ruler in the end. Lily and Scout trade the St. Sophia’s fire drill story for the promise that Kite will call them the next time Sebastian is in the store.

Lily decides to investigate the rumors about the fairytale. She calls Sebastian, but he becomes really short with her after she describes the tale. Lily decides the best thing to do is Google it. After a while of searching, she comes across an article about Fayden Campbell, Sebastians cousin and realizes that she is probably the Campbell that they are looking for. Lily and Scout decide to tell the Enclave what is really going on. But first, they arrange the meeting with Nicu and Veronica (Lily leads her out to him with an annonomous note)

At the Enclave, most of them do not take the news very well, but Jason is furious and storms out. Lily tries to follow to talk to him, but he is not willing to understand. After some really cruel words, he storms off and Scout comes to comfort her. After some time of Jason not calling, Scout receiving a dress in the mail from her mother, and the two best friends making a list of words just for the two of them, they get a call from Kite. At the store, Sebastian is arguing with Fayden about how he did not know that she had magic. Their fight is quickly ended by Fayden somehow scaring Sebastian. She gets in a cab and leaves him behind. Scout flags down a taxi (and pays heftily for it to follow) just as Sebastian spots them. They jump in the cab anyway and follow. Lily sees Fayden use Firespell to open a locked door.

Lily and Scout go to meet Sebastian. They agree on rules and then start swapping information. They discover where Fayden is setting up her scheme by where Sebastian says that she was taking a lot of pictures on her tour of Chicago, a pumping station. The Adepts agree to take down Fayden without hurting her while the Reapers agree not to get in the Adepts way.

Scout and the rest of Enclave three that knows about spells try to figure out how Fayden is controlling the magic. They get more information from Kite about what she bought at the shop, but it doesn’t seem to help. Lily and Scout go to the pumping station and see Fayden’s contraption that is causing the black out. With Nicu’s help (in exchange for permission to attend the Sneak with Veronica) they make it across the pedway and back to the Enclave. Eventually, they make a pre-spell, object to enchant with the pre-spell, and incantation to interrupt Fayden’s magical spindle. Lily decides that she is going to be the one to stop the spindle.

Scout and Lily end up at the museum where the Sneak is supposed to occur. They get ready (Lily in the dress that Scout’s mother had sent for Scout) and then go outside for “some fresh air.” They get over to the pumping station and Lily knocks on the door. She starts talking to Fayden about how she is unsure that she wants to be an Adept. Eventually, the Reapers start to catch on to what she is doing and go after her. Lily throws her key at the machine while saying the incantation. The Reapers keep advancing on her, but they are fought off by Jason in his wolf form. Everyone gets their magic back, but Jason runs off in a hurry.

Later at the Sneak, Lily is watching Scout and Michael dance. She also sees Veronica and Nicu (who look like they belong together). Eventually, Jason shows up and explains that he had to leave quickly to get ready for the dance. Lily and Jason make up and Jason says that he will always come back for her.

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