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The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly
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Jun 11, 2012

did not like it

At the very beginning of this book, the reader learns that Karen is picking up her husband, Rex, who just served a 10-year term for murder. In the car with her is their daughter, Alice. The story unfolds with alternating chapters: present day and the summer ten years ago when the murder took place. Present day: Karen and Rex attempting to adjust to their new life and problems such as pesky journalists, Rex' s learning about the modern world outside and trying to find work, living in a small house, and trying to parent their child together. Summer ten years ago: Karen just graduated from college and met Rex and his sister, Biba, who are living a crazy Bohemian life together in a strange mansion in London. Karen falls in love with both Rex and Biba and they party with drugs and alcohol all summer till something bad happens which lands Rex in the slammer.

How could I have stopped reading half-way through the book before I discovered the horrible crime? Did you ever hear someone take so long to set up a joke that you lost interest before the punchline was delivered? That's how I felt about this book. I just got tired of all these hints and build-ups to some horrific crime or accident and decided I had spent enough time with these characters. Sorry I spent as much time as I did.

This book once again reminds me that you can have the best story in the world, but unless the story-teller captivates you, it won't matter. The reverse is also true: a good story teller can tell a story about nothing and it will be a great success. Look no further than "Seinfeld" for proof of this.
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message 1: by Jen (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jen I couldn't agree more on why I kept reading. I was really hoping there would be more to the "horrible crime" than a couple of murders. The "twist" at the end was okay, but why would the cops care about Alice being Biba's if Biba was dead?

Judith You have more patience than I do, so good for you, and thanks for your comment.

Lesley I so agree.

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