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Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams
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Mar 12, 2009

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Read in October, 2008

As you may know, three stars means that this is usually a 4 star author (though williams has his 5 star moments) but that I think it is worse than his usual.

This book is an oddly solipsistic bit of fun. It's hard to imagine that the main character finds himself in the situations he does, and the author actually addresses this point with the surprise super villian. But the explanation to me raises more questions, calling attention to a weakness of the book IMHO. The gee whiz solution to the conflict at the end of the book is a bit internally unself-consistent/unbelievable as well.

It's weird to call a book laconic, since it's all words and nothing else, but this book really had nothing to say, and felt like that throughout, producing not nonsense, but sort of nothing.
I am beginning to develop this theory that Charles Stross and Walter Jon Williams are working together behind the scenes.

The description of this book looks like a different take on the same or eerily familiar universe as Stross's Halting State.

Likewise, Implied Spaces grappled with the same ideas behind Stross's Glasshouse. Both of the Williams books appeared well after the Stross books, so maybe it's just that Williams is using heavily Stross's ideas.

But Implied Spaces had a glowing review by Stross on the back. Not a coinicidence, I say. Somebody for some reason decided that Stross should be tapped for a review on the back of that book. There is complicity here. There is something going on.
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