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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Jun 18, 12

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Originally published on my blog:

As a fan of the Vampire Academy series, I have always believed that the setting was one of the most well-developed aspects of the series. The idea of the moroi (mortal vampires who are born and posses magic), dhampir (half human, half vampire), and the strigoi (evil vampires who are made, can be former moroi, dhampir or humans) although interesting by their own right, were not what I believed made the series so successful. But rather because there were so many details in the setting and the society of the moroi and dhampir. The idea of the magic and the classes of it, the taboo of dhampir giving blood to a vampire, the concept that it was the duty of the dhampir to protect the moroi from the strigoi who feed off them. All these made the world more believable and complex. But the main problem in the adaption is it took out much explaining of the world and although it was probably unavoidable it sill ruined the full impact.

The story felt rushed, very rushed. Even though I read the series and knew what would happen, I still felt that it was very rushed. There was not much time for you to take the story in as it quickly went to another scene. Although it was a good adaption of the overall first book in the series.

I may be a little of bias here since I prefer manga style over the graphic novel style but I believe the motion and the going from panel to another was not fluid. The movement of the characters was pretty stiff. The characters were drawn pretty well, that's basically how imagined most of them when I was reading the novel series. That is except Dimitri, I really didn't like his character design probably because how I pictured him was very much different. Although I loved the fact that the graphic novel was coloured, something manga never or rarely does.

Main Character:
Rose has always been one of my favourite characters. She's spunky, feisty and completely loyal but she can be hotheaded, reckless and rarely thinks before she acts. The novel series portrayed her personality perfectly and the graphic novel did a good job as well. Rose being a novice and in training to become a guardian (dhampirs who protect moroi) was something that made the story that much more interesting to read. I also loved Rose's relationship with Lissa, her best friend who's a moroi and hopes to protect in the future.

I've always felt that the author was good with her characters. Lissa (short for Vasilisa) is moroi royal and the last of her line. Her personality was the the opposite of Rose and their relationship was the most important aspect of the story. Another important character was Dimitri, a guardian and Rose's mentor. There was also Christian, Lissa's love interest and a moroi with a bad reputation because his parents willingly became Strigoi. There wasn't much focus on a lot of characters, only Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christan and Mia (a moroi girl who has it out for Lissa) compared to that of the book. And I really felt that the graphic novel didn't give Dimitri's character justice, he was a pretty boring overall character in the graphic novel.

Although the idea of vampires isn't original, what made Vampire Academy good was its rich setting, and the lifestyle and society of these vampires.

Other Comments:
Don't really have any other comments besides that fact that I think the adaption of the novel to the graphic novel was awkward.

For people who are new to the series, I don't recommend the graphic novel as the place to start since I don't believe it gives the actual novel series any justice, but it's a great illustrated edition to your library for those who are fans of the series.

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