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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
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Jun 11, 2012

really liked it
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Problem with this book: what do you even say about it? What doesn't give something away? And once you know everything, or talk about it later, are you still as pumped about it as you were beforehand?

I'm super glad I read it, finally! It takes a lot of convincing for me to buy a new hardcover book rather than wait for a cheaper copy, but I spent all year wanting to read it, so there I went. It scratched the itch for escapism that I've been soothing with literary mystery-thrillers lately. (I'm such a snot! I had to say "literary"! Sorry, this newish taste for genre is still something I am working through!) Plus, this book is so damn popular, there's some value in just knowing what the hell the deal is. I was concerned it was going to get to the "Game of Thrones" level where the internet makes so many sly comments about it I already basically know who dies, and I've hardly watched it.

I guess I'm gonna put some junk in spoiler space but, basically, it's hard not to enjoy this, unless you really dislike anti-heroes or stories that rely on twists. You get good mileage out of the character development, but ultimately you need to be pretty excited about plotty bang-boom. Which is the literary technical term.

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3.5 stars really, but it's all good.

It is one of my favorite unintentional jokes in the world that the Amazon link for this edition leads to a 404 page. Hahahaha. Please, Goodreads, please don't anyone ever fix that.
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Moira Russell I couldn't stand Diary Amy either, so that reveal was particularly juicy and satisfying.

Like Chekhov's gun, is the (spoiler)


The first time my enthusiasm wilted, honestly, was back when Amy first (spoiler)

For me, it was when she was so dumb with the couple -- after being so smart and fairly evil! Maybe it was supposed to be a point about how she didn't actually understand human motivation (sociopath) or maybe it was just a cheap plot dodge because she had to get back to (spoiler) and then Nick, but to me it felt bungled at some level. Like, okay, if the character is going to act that stupid, especially after being hellaciously smart for most of the book, I need some kind of reason.

My theory is: this book is really really funny especially if you're married. The longer you've been married, the funnier it is.

Lizzie I think that last bit of your comment should be a blurb right on the book cover. Reprint!

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