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All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
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Oct 05, 2008

really liked it
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If Book 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse series was a turning point, then Book 7, All Together Dead, is the drawing of battle lines. Vampire politics, were politics, and an upsurge of human fanatic reaction to the undead are all in the forefront of this plot, making it arguably one of the most substantial of the Sookies to date.

Sookie is called upon to join the party of the Queen of Louisiana for a vampire summit in the (fictional) city of Rhodes. Once there, she has all sorts of competing pulls for her attention. The only other telepath she's ever met, from way back in Book 2, makes another appearance here. Rumblings about a civil war among the weres are growing stronger. And the politics between not only various factions of vampires but also between vampires and humans take center stage--forcing Sookie to question whether her life can truly be "normal" again, and in fact, to which vampire she's willing to bind herself now that she's seized the Louisiana Queen's attention.

There's a glaringly obvious "oh for fuck's sake" moment that gives away the intentions of the antagonists in this plot--or at least, obvious to the reader; I did wonder how exactly this escaped the attention of all of the significant characters in the book. Granted, they've all got other things on their minds at the time, but it's still enough to make one go "wait, what?"

But that's the only bump in an otherwise thoroughly solid story. Three and a half stars.
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Honistie City of Rhodes is not fictional. Just because it does not exist in the USA does not mean it is fake. It is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. I think it would have made a better story for them all to go to the City of Rhodes, rather than make it a fictional town in some state where Sookie can see Lake Michigan. I think she should have named some town in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana. That is just my opinion.

Angela Honistie wrote: "City of Rhodes is not fictional. Just because it does not exist in the USA does not mean it is fake."

Um, I didn't mean to imply that I thought anything of this sort, and I'm sorry if you thought I did. The Rhodes that Harris wrote about in this novel is however very clearly fictional; it just happens to share a name with a real city, is all. (For that matter, there's an actual Rhodes in the state of Iowa, but Harris clearly wasn't talking about that one; the geography is wrong.)

There are a lot of actual towns in the US that are named after older European locations, though, so it's plausible for her to have chosen Rhodes as a place name for her fictional city. In my home state of Kentucky, for example, there are towns called Athens, Glasgow, Versailles, and Lebanon; nobody would confuse them with their older equivalents, but they do indeed exist. So I don't think Harris was trying to cast any disrespect upon the European city by using that name.

Honistie I did not think she disrespected the European city. I thought it was interesting that she used it as the City of Rhodes is a medieval town it sort of fits the story idea. I just think if she mentions the view of Lake Michigan she should have mentioned an old town in one of the states that has that view. I did not know there was a Rhodes in Iowa, so that is something new that I learned today! Sorry if I was sounding abrasive as that was not my intention.

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