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Ramona's World by Beverly Cleary
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Oct 10, 2008

really liked it

The characters in the book were Ramona Quimby, Beezus Quimby, the baby, and her new friend named Daisy Kidd. The book is about that Ramona Quimby is going to the fourth grade and that she needs extra help on Spelling. Her older sister Beezus is going to turn 16 and there planning a special party for her. Ramona Quimby gets to meet her new best freind name Daisy Kidd. Daisy Kidd and Ramona become very good friends, but then one day Ramona Quimby decides to go to her house. So she does but, then she slips and falls and makes a big hole on the ceiling wall! At this time Ramona thinks that her and Daisy Kidd cant be friends anymore. So she stops talking to Daisy Kidd and keeps on playing with her other friends in Reeces or Lunch. Daisy Kidd also ignores Ramona Quimby so they wont get into another fight about the incident that happened when she went over to her house. She felt so embarrased because she likes Daisy Kidd's older brother. She turned red when he had to rescue her in the ceilings.

But Ramona Quimby was wrong. Daisy Kidd apolagizes to Ramona for playing ruff and being out of control when Ramona went to her house. So the two girls become friends and they go out of their apartment to go play with Daisy's cat. They have fun and they keep on playing! They become the best of friends and no one can seperate them. They keep on going to school and they keep on learning. When Ramona and Daisy Kidd get stuck on a Spelling answer they ask eachother for help. They really enjoy school and find it fun when they are together. Now they are officialy best friends!

I recommend this book to people that like reading fast and easy books. The book really shows how a character feels. The book is very intersting and amazing. Once you read this book you will never want to put it down. This book is really intersting and fun to read because it is a quick and fun book to read. I really enjoy this book alot because the book relates to me alot. This book is great!!

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message 1: by Ms. Montaño (new)

Ms. Montaño good book but I think I read it in 3rd grade :) Let's move on to higher level books ok! How could you go from Fear St. to Ramona Quimby? So hilarious!

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