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Water Witch by Deborah Leblanc
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Oct 05, 08

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Read in October, 2008, read count: 1

How does a normal woman get along when she has a supernatural ability? Say you have a sixth finger on your left hand and it really likes helping you find things? Things like missing cats or oil hidden underground... suddenly people look at you in a new light, as an object to help them amass their fortunes. So you hide away in your little house in Texas, thinking everything is going to be fine until your sister in Louisiana calls... suddenly you are flying to the bayou to help look for two missing children who are in a lot more trouble than anyone expects.

Water Witch is a very fast read, at just under 300 pages, you will fly through it in only a few hours. Leblanc's prose is clean, crisp, to the point and ridiculously easy to read. Though I wouldn't call this a YA novel, I don't see any reason why the 13 and up crew shouldn't be able to read this apart from a few profanities. This is one of the few Leisure Books that I have read which has not drifted into the realms of sex and gore... not that it felt like Leblanc was holding back... instead her tale was tight enough not to ever need to go there. I won't say that the book ever scared me... because for some reason you feel from the beginning that the characters we are encouraged to love as readers, will all be okay in the end.

I will say that there were some perplexing bits that were left unexplained in the end, but it really didn't bother me. I would have liked a little more explanation on where the shoes were going... but in the end it was still a satisfying read. I would recommend this more to the female reader than the male reader. I'm not 100% sure why I feel this way, I can only say that the prose seems to be the type that will connect more with a female audience.

The characters feel real enough, even though we really don't have the opportunity to really get to know any of them. Even the people down at the local bar/diner/bait and tackle shop seem real enough. The only one that I was never able to get a true handle on was our bad guy. Perhaps we feel that we don't really know them because we don't get a whole lot of history on anyone. I don't believe that the book suffered from this aspect, but it read so fast that perhaps a bit more history would have slowed the reader down a bit.

On the whole this was a very solid and fun book to read, you have the supernatural touch, the unwilling hero, the crazy old grandma who knows more than she's letting on, the swamps, snakes, alligators, kidnapped children, crazy preachers, and the big baddie who has foul plans for the little ones. Though I won't say this was one of my favorite books, this was a fun read that has encouraged me to pick up more books by Leblanc in the future.

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