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How Not to Be Eaten by Gilbert Waldbauer
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Jun 10, 2012

it was amazing
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When you are interested in a subject like Entomology, it is very important to take full advantage over finding books about a subject so elusive. One of the reasons why I enjoyed reading this book so much is because it is unique within its own genre. Usually entomology based books revolves around a very specific and formal style of writing presentation. Not to say that this book doesn't do that, but nonetheless this book steps outside the usual entomology book, the writing is still well put together, however for me, is was apparent from the first few lines that the writing style was different. It keeps then normal specifications but it also puts entomology in a broader spectrum of science, relating to ecosystems and biological processes that go outside of the insect world. Another thing that I really like about the writing is how it flows really well, even though I know that the author is a very well educated person about the subject, it still sounds like the writing is coming from a normal every day person who you wouldn't think would be associated with entomology. Not only is the writing fluent and intellectual, the emphasis behind the idea of insects surviving in their natural habitat is really interesting. This is because the authors utilizes famous theories like Charles Darwin's; Natural selection, but the author still kind of gives the thought provoking elements of human characteristic to all insects, which creates an elucidating writing style that correlates exquisitely well with the subject of entomology. If you enjoy learning about entomology or even just ecology or biology in general you should read this book, I am sure you will enjoy it just as much as I have.

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