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A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash
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Jun 10, 2012

it was amazing

Warning: this opinion is filled with strong comparisons that will illicit: shock, horror, incredulity at my own facile observations and call into question my ability to sanely review a work of literature.
The author portrays this small, rural, Western N.C. town with such vivid imagerery, like Steinbeck did for his beloved Salinas County. The prose as beautiful as Steinbeck's is terse. Full of eloquence wonder, majesty, good, evil and mystery in both the setting and the people that populate it. Yet, for all the comparison's he is still has his own unique style that if the author continues in such a vein of writing will quickly carve out a name and niche beholden to few with such talent and resonate with literary mastery that will be attributed to him--and leave other's someday comparing their work to his. The Americana imbued in his character's reminds me of how Steinbeck fleshed out the Joads' in "Grapes of Wrath" and his sweeping epic "East of Eden." Yet, he is not Steinbeck, nor will there be any to epitomize summarily Steinbeck's unique and magnificent style, nor is Cash a cheap immatator. This novel is one with a greatness that stands alone. A terrific, first novel that truly awed me. I have never compared anyone to Steinbeck, and it is just a comparison, like no two snowflakes are alike depite their molecular make up, they still are examples of nature's beauty, and possess their own image, or in this case style of prose. Many of those reading this may deem it full of hyperbole, and me out of my head to even use Steinbeck in the same breath as a raw newcomer of an author. But let me make crystal clear, there is no other John Steinbeck--he is my embodiment of what a great author is and is my favorite author! I merely make the humble comparisons and make use of Steinbeck's themes as a benchmark to equate this novel's review. If I am to be inquisitioned for literary heresy, let me be the first to light the match and self-immolate with my words (metaphorically--let's not get carried away people!).
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Larry Thankyou. I almost thought, people are going to think I'm "out of my head," for the Steinbeck comparison. But after your comment, went back and saw all my disclaimers. Have you read the book? I wrote the review half-way through it, and thought it could have been a few pages longer, once I finished it. But I am not an accomplished writer with such talent! So he apparently knows what he's doing.

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