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The Limit by Kristen Landon
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Jun 09, 2012

it was ok
Read in June, 2012

Things I liked about the book:
1. It was fast paced. This is the only thing I thought the author excelled at. She left just enough suspense to keep me reading. I wanted to know how they would escape.
BUT this is where the things I didn't like about the book come into play:
1. They don't escape. The dystopia in this book (one would think) would be that they had to work in a workhouse as children. But no, the dystopia was the unfair treatment in the workhouse. Why are they still working in the workhouse!?!? Which brings me to this point:
2. Why did his mom not fight for him in the beginning? Welp, see ya son. And then again when he sneaks back home he just willingly walks back into the arms of Gorilla Man. And then the four kids go willingly with Crab Lady. No fight any time. WHAT!?
3. The names Honey Lady, Crab Lady, and Gorilla Man were getting on my last nerve, especially since he knew Smoot's real name. We got the picture.
4. Matt knew from his lunch lady that he was almost out of money. Why did he keep spending? Why didn't he tell his parents.
5. Why are his parents retarded? Matt is a genius and his parents can't even add and subtract from their bank account.
6. I'm bringing up this point again because it's so annoying. Why are they still in the workhouse? What parent in a democratic country would actually let the government take their kids and then when they found out the program was screwing their kids let them stay? What police force would let this continue?
7. The dialogue was so far from being natural it was hard to swallow.
8. Paige is the only character I liked and she wasn't even a main character. I didn't sympathize with any other character.
9. I think I'm angry because I love dystopia and the idea of this book is so much better than the actual book. My high hopes were completely shattered.
10. If the money comes from
paychecks of the families why do they even take kids in the first place? The money isn't the governments. I could see if the government had all the money and allotted each family a certain amount and if they went over a kid was taken. But if the money isn't the governments in the first place, why do they have a say? It is so illogical.
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Ariel I totally agree with you. I mean, when I read the book I was hoping that they would escape from the workhouse and maybe think of a way to put a stop all this workhouse thingy and no. 6 is what I hoped would have an answer. Why would the government still allowed workhouse for children if every citizens know about it from all over the news? That is very frustrating.

Maddy I also was upset that they still had to work in the work house. Kind of a twist ending?

Katy Jane I just don't get it!

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Alex Cooley Perhaps this book wasn't meant to have a happy ending of taking down the workhouse. Not everything ends brightly. It is a great example of corruption and the possibilities of what happens behind closed doors. Open your mind up, this book will be more enjoyable.

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