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What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang
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Jul 16, 2012

really liked it
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Read from July 07 to 11, 2012

The first time I saw this I wasn't really that interested. Although the premise does sound intriguing it wasn't that enough for me to be very excited about this one. So when I saw this in Edelweiss I wasn't really planning on requesting it, however my fingers have their own minds and took the liberty to click it and started typing why I wanted a review copy. And to my surprise I actually got approved. Then comes the glowing reviews from my GR friends and I was like, maybe I should thank my fingers for requesting this, this could only be so good. And so I read it and boy I couldn't thank my fingers more because this book is just great, really great!

The originality of this book is one of the major aspects that made this book so good and very intriguing. The concept of this book was definitely a first for me; I never encountered a book with the idea of a world where people lived with two souls. That idea although made me interested also made me anxious to read it; wouldn't it be difficult? How can I like the MC if there are two personalities in them? How could there be a romance in this one? Wouldn’t that be awkward? Can the author pull it off?

But all those worries soon fade away as I find myself gradually being devoured by the author's writing! Kat Zhang is an amazing writer and she definitely pulled this one off! Her writing was simple but gorgeous and the pacing was comfortably fast. The world and the characters she created were all very well thought and written. The world-building is one of a kind and although I had some little issues with it (view spoiler) I can wait for them to be resolve more in the following books. The characters were my favorite part of this book. I loved how she wrote them especially the relationship of the sisters, Addie and Eva.

The relationship and the emotional struggles they had were very realistic and heartbreaking. I saw the conflicting feelings each shared with one another. And how they struggled in doing and choosing things they wanted for their own but not wanting to hurt or be selfish to the other one. I love how Zhang showed that with all the hurting, Eva and Addie really care and love each other. Through the different circumstances and obstacles thrown to Addie and Eva we were able to see the two differently - how they take and handle things, how they talk and think, their expressions and mannerism. So as the story went on, when they shift it wasn't really confusing. She wrote the sisters in a way that we could really see them separately, two entirely different and unique characters, sharing one body.

Other characters like Hally and Lissa, Devon and Ryan, and Kitty and Nina were great supporting characters. They were never left on the sides and I liked how they contributed on the development of the main character.

There's a very light touch of romance in this one and it surprised me that it was actually fine with me. Because I am a major sap and I love romance! It's one of the things I always consider when reading a book but throughout the course of the story I was just so busy thinking of how they're gonna overcome their problems and obstacles. So when this one sweet moment came I was just like, aww. It made me really smile and for some reason I was pretty satisfied with it...for now, even though I still have very little idea of how the romance will gonna work. But I hope it would be more apparent in the next book.

With original plot, great world-building, and well written characters this book promises a definitely wonderful and engaging reading experience. This book did not disappoint. I highly recommend this.

*Thanks to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for providing an ARC of this book!

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Aa'Ishah Eep! Oh my gosh! How is it so far??

Eunice I haven't gotten that much reading, A. I've only read the first two chapters but I think I really like Eva's voice. :D

Aa'Ishah :D I'm so glad. I hope it stays good for you. :)

message 4: by Ria (new) - added it

Ria [The Beaucoup Review] I love the sound of this, can't wait to see what your thoughts are!

message 5: by Eunice (last edited Jul 08, 2012 09:21AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eunice Me too! And I've heard so many good things about this one, Ria. So I'm really happy to start this one. :D

Eunice I haven't gotten that far, Sam. But I hope this would end up to be really amazing for me too. :D

Blythe Yay, I'm glad you ended up liking it, Eunice! I absolutely loved it, despite my four star rating (really 4.5). I had a little problem with a world building flaw, and the ending, but other than that I loved everything about it. Can't wait to read your review!

message 8: by Eunice (last edited Jul 11, 2012 10:12PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eunice Thanks, Blythe! Same here, I had some tiny issues with the world building (view spoiler) but everything else is really good for me. :)

Blythe That was the exact problem I had with the world building, too!

Aa'Ishah Yay! Thank your fingers! ;) I'm so pleased you like the writing and the characters and the world-building and the realism overll. Beautiful review, Eunice! :)

message 11: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ It's funny how sometimes a book that you think will not be so good for you ends up being wonderful. The premise does sound a little problematic, with the two souls or personalities. I'm glad the authors writing overcame your worries and you enjoyed it, even with the light romance. I'm a hopeless romantic too, Eunice! Great review. :)

Eunice @A: I'm really glad I ended up liking almost everything! Kat Zhang really did a good job on this one. Thank you!

@Sam: Eep! I'm glad I got your enthusiasm back! I really hope you like this one too. Thanks! :)

@Rachel: Totally agree! I'm glad I requested this. Now that I've read it and saw how amazing it was I can only imagine how much I would regret if I passed up the opportunity of reading this in advance! I really hope there would be more of the romance in the next book. Thanks, Rachel! :)

message 13: by Laura (new)

Laura Hi Eunice. Wonderful review! I’m actually in a YA slump right now. I can’t get into anything—jump from book to book. It’s driving me nuts! Maybe I will give this one a go. Your enthusiasm is catchy! Plus I’m a huge sap too! :D

Eunice Hi Laura! Thank you. I get what you mean! Sometimes I just don't want to follow my reading schedule and just pick up book I randomly feel like reading. But I need to finish all my review copies so I can start requesting more again. LOL! This one is really good, Laura! The writer is amazing. Hope you like it too! You and Rachel are two of my GR friends whom I really know I share my romantic hopelessness with! Haha! :D

message 15: by Mimi (new) - added it

Mimi Valentine I'm big on romance in books too, but sometimes I love how refreshing it is to have only a light romance and it sounds like that really works here! Amazing review, Eunice! I'm really thanking your fingers along with you LOL :') <3

message 16: by Laura (new)

Laura haha.."romantic hopelessness"--so true, Eunice! I live for it! :)

Eunice Haha! Thank you, Mimi! Yup, it was refreshing. Eva and Ryan's friendship is already sweet. And it was sweeter when it became more apparent that it's turning into something more even though it moved in a light and subtle manner.

Laura - Haha! I know, right. We live for it! XD

message 18: by Jasprit (new) - added it

Jasprit Eunice I felt completely the same way when I saw this book, I thought it wouldn't be my thing, but your review has convinced me to give it a chance! Awesome review Eunice! :)

Eunice Eep! Hope you end up really liking this one too! Thank you, Jasprit! :D

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