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Dark Soul Vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov
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Jun 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Dark Soul, Volume 1 by Aleksandr Voinov totally blew me away!!!
I have not been a fan of m/m books and have only begun reading this genre after recommendations by GR members. This book was mentioned on one of the groups I am a member of (thank you Lisa T!!) and I am so glad she did and (thank you Cindi for loaning me your copy).

Stefano Marino is your idea of the strong mafia boss, happily married to Donata, who meets Silvio Spadoro, a ruthless, cold-blooded killer and lover of Gianbattista Falchi, another totally amoral mafia guy, at a meeting where all the capos are waiting for the death of some important Don.

Stefano has never been attracted to men, or so he believes, but from the first time he sees Silvio getting off his bike (when he first thought Silvio was a woman), strong , dark sexual feelings emerge for the first time in his life he has for a male and is unable to stop thoughts of what he wants to do with Silvio, even going as far as doing a violent and appalling act to deny that.

Silvio is both cruel and beautiful and from the first time we meet him, I felt this incredible connection to him. The way he hides his vulnerable side, the emotional and physical pain he has endured in his life filled me with such sadness.
The scene where Battista pushes his head into the water whilst fucking him was so sadistic, demeaning that I wanted to bash Battista’s head and give him some really wicked treatment such as he deserved. I felt Silvio’s pain and degrading and I wanted it to take it away forever.

Stefano realizes that admitting his attraction for Silvio, a man, would not be tolerated and how it would affect his relationship with Donata, but he’s unable to deny the intense feelings he has and he knows that he cannot keep away despite fighting it.

How is it possible that I feel so much for characters that are so morally corrupt, I kept asking myself?

I see the bad and nasty in Silvio but I sense something pure, almost innocent inside him too. I want his pain to go away. I want him to be loved in a good way, to be happy.

Will Stefano be the one to take his pain away???? Not sure, after the degrading torture he did to Silvio when they first met…but perhaps he may feel the need to redeem himself. And how is Donata going to feel when she discovers her straight husband is now attracted to men. The fear and uncertainty about the sudden and newly discovered feelings are so believable.

I admit that the two sex scenes made me a bit uncomfortable with the violence and pain it involved. And though I think this series is not the flowers and love and hea story, it still affected me.

The characterization is unbelievable. Wanting you to discover what is really beneath their skins. Who are they really? I love the gritty, edgy, and strong writing.

I am a totally HEA reader. I love for two people to find each other and love and live together forever and this book is nothing like that. I don’t like reading about pain, cruelty and violence and it’s some of the reasons I do not enjoy the BSDM genre, but Dark Soul, which has all of that and more just pulled me in and I am unable to stop thinking of where to next!!!!

I want to read the entire series…I’m hooked on Silvio!!!!
And am most definitely going to read his other books.
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Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog I'm dying to know what you think of Silvio.

Alex is The Romance Fox LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: "I'm dying to know what you think of Silvio."

i LOVED IT!!!! thanks for suggesting it to me.

Cindi You're welcome, Alex. I'm glad you liked it as much as I did.

Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog Hey Alex, all of Aleks' Dark Soul books are on sale today at Riptide Publishing. Just so you know.

I'm so glad you liked this and all I can say is, "You've come a long way, baby."


Alex is The Romance Fox LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: "I'm dying to know what you think of Silvio."

I think I may become obsessed with Silvio as much as Qhuinn!!!!!!!!!!! I am now looking for someone to lend me the next books on my kindle or nook. Running out of money to spend on more books......went crazy this month so i am trying really hard to hold myself until Jul

Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog Silvio is obsession!

I understand about the book budget thing. I hope you can read them eventually. They only get better. Of course, Voinov's writing is just exceptional.


DayDreamer Great review, Alex! I can completely understand an obsession over Silvio - he's too gorgeous not to fall for him. :)

Alex is The Romance Fox DayDreamer wrote: "Great review, Alex! I can completely understand an obsession over Silvio - he's too gorgeous not to fall for him. :)"

thanks a lot
have u read it????

DayDreamer Just the first three volumes. :)

Alex is The Romance Fox DayDreamer wrote: "Just the first three volumes. :)"

i am trying to borrow book 2 to 5. Would you be prepared to do that? I have a pc kindle and my email address is

I will understand if you are not able to


DayDreamer I'm sorry I can't help, I don't own them, either.

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