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The Savage Grace by Bree Despain
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Jun 09, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

Wow umm.. Despain really has made this trilogy my favourite series so far. After the Lost Saint's cliffhanger, i was frantically trying to turn the last page to see if there was more.. That was back in 2011 but 4 days ago i remembered that the Savage Grace was now out so i ordered it of course.
Without giving any of the book away (however predictable it is) i'll just say.. READ IT!! I admit the beginning was slow but i was happy that the whole book wasn't about bringing Daniel back from his wolf form. I could really feel how Grace was missing him. Then of course there were the lost boys.. aahh i did love them. I was sad that 2 died (even though you don't really get to know the first one). Their different personalities matched perfectly together.
I was really happy when Grace was so strong in this book, and never turned wolf once. Also, Daniel and Grace's love was unwavering which was satisfying,as i didn't want more rows between them.
There was also so much action in this book, waay more than the first 2. The most action was at the end, a giant battle scene. Usually i'm not into stuff like that but i actually really enjoyed the fights! I was really annoyed that one of the main characters died, even though he would have deserved it in the first 2 books. He really changed in this book, and to me this seemed like a very unnecessary death. Why didn't Talbot die instead?! Other than that, i was happy with the ending. Was very closed, which was nice. It wasn't unexpected though, but i was happy to see it worked out for Grace and Daniel. But Talbot should have died.. i mean i liked his character but he hung around uselessly at the end, alive, which was just..aah! Oh yes. Another bad point.. why. didn't. daniel. kill. CALEB?! and why did baby james get dragged into all the bad things.. maddening at times! I was also surprised that Daniel didn't heal Grace from the curse.. i wondered why, because most of the end was based on the curse and its cure.
But no.. all those minor bad points are nothing compared to how much i loved the book. I gave it 4 stars only because those annoying details could have been picked up on easily.
Oh and. You might want to flick through the last 2 books to remember what happened. I read the first 2 then there was a 5 month interval before i read this one, and as the lost saint was probably my least favourite, i'd forgotten some of the important details that link on to this one.
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