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Jun 08, 2012

(Review from the author)
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How this story came to be…

I wrote elsewhere how the short story On The Edge turned into a series about the three main characters and their club. After my initial fumblings, I had put away my notes on how Brett and Lisa came together and never intended to write an ‘origins’ story for the series; in my mind, Brett, Lisa and Leo have always been a single unit, and even when two of them get closer like Brett and Leo in Walking The Edge, or Brett and Lisa in Fifth Vision of Destiny, the third one is never far.

When Fifth Vision of Destiny was released, however, a couple of readers mentioned that they were glad to get a better insight into why Lisa is so reluctant to talk about love. It occurred to me then that I still had a lot to say about these characters, and in particular about Lisa. This was how the idea how writing a ‘prequel’ came to be.

Most writers are smart(er than I am) and write their series in order. I follow my muse, and sometimes she leads me down very contorted paths!

I already had that image of how Brett and Lisa had met, but more importantly I had already given hints about it in the previously written books. Before I started writing Before The Edge, I went back through the rest of the series and referenced everything I had mentioned about the past: how Brett had intervened when a patron had bothered Lisa in his bar, how John, his security manager, had followed him from the bar to the club, how Brett knew where Lisa lived although he’d never been inside her place, and other details like these, some small, other very important to the story – these details that I didn’t want to contradict in the new story. They became my canvas, and I worked to fill in the blanks and make a cohesive whole.

One thing that (happily) surprised me was that Leo is not completely absent from this book. Throughout the parts we see from Lisa’s point of view, her old lover keeps popping up into her thoughts, along with her certainty that she will see him again – which of course she does in On The Edge!
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Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly Yes I noticed that she kept thinking about him. You saw my review right? They were good together but Leo fills the gaps between them.

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Kallysten Kallysten Yes exactly! I guess that's why it took me so long to write this one. Good thing there'll be plenty for Leo to do in the next one ;)

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Kallysten Kallysten Megan/Meggerfly~TS wrote: "Stop teasing!!!"

I can't, it's a condition!

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