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Devil's Gate by Thea Harrison
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Jun 08, 2012

it was ok
Read on June 08, 2012

Vampire lawyer Duncan comes to the aid of co-worker and medusa Seremela Telemar when her niece runs off to Devil's Gate.
I'm a fan of Thea Harrison's novels but I'm not fond of most of her novellas. The romance was so rushed, they both literally fall in love with each over a period of a day - it was unrealistic and unsatisfying.
Sere and Duncan were both likeable characters and they deserved more than a rushed, superficial and unconvincing romance. I was looking forward to seeing how Sere's head of snakes would be approached - heroines who have long snakes for hair is not something I would normally like to read about. I was hoping Thea would work her magic and actually make Sere's snake seem not so repulsive. Thea does try and make Sere's snake seem playful and charming but unfortunately it didn't work for me, the medusa aspect just completely put me off.
The ending felt more like a HFN than a HEA - Seremela is a middle aged medusa and has a century or two left in her, whereas Duncan will live for millenia. So what happens when Sere dies of old age, if Duncan has millenia left surely it's more than possible that he'll eventually find someone else that he loves. It's not a real HEA if the hero eventually falls in love with someone else other than the heroine. Sere's 'mortality' and Duncan's 'immortality' isn't even discussed, even a sentance or two would have sufficed with IDK Duncan declaring that Sera would always be the love of his life.
At the start of the novella, Sere is complaining about her sister and how she always puts her first and that it'd be the last time she drops everything for her. So I was expecting by the end for Sere to actually give her sister a dressing down and make it clear that she'll no longer let her take advantage..but that doesn't happen - it was like that plot point was just forgotten about.
Even though I didn't like the novella, I hope that Sere and Duncan make future appearances.
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