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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
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Jun 08, 2012

really liked it

Fans of the Maze runner trilogy should check out

So I finished The Maze runner a few weeks back and I finished Scorch Trials yesterday and I have to say I am a bit mixed about this book(as I was about the maze runner).

I think the Plot of the book is superb. It is engaging....it is intense...it is full of action. I think the weakest part of the story is Thomas, who is the protagonist of the story.


This plot takes place with the kids having to travel across the desert to get to the safe haven to get a cure from the flare. They soon discover that they all have "The Flare" and if they don't make it they run the potential risk of sucumbing to the illness. Thomas searches for a missing Teresa, meets another by who shares a lot of similar experiences with him and befriends a new girl and he begins to realize he is more important to this whole experiment than he was originally aware of.

I love the fact that the things happening in the scorch were more interesting an engaging than the maze runner. In the maze runner, not a lot happened till towards the middle and end because we had to go through things through Thomas' eyes. I felt the maze runner was SLIGHTLY boring because nothing intense or funny happened until he left the glade and went into the maze.

Scorch trials had a lot of engaging and tense situations and I enjoyed reading about them. From the beginning with the weird metal ball that could cut someone's head off, the scorching sun, the cranks, the girls of Group B, the weird desert grievers, etc etc all around the plot was very engaging.

Grade A

Character Wise

I think that the author has such engaging characters and I love all of them....except Thomas. I think the reason why I don't like Thomas is becuase i can't really find too much flaws within him. He is a good guy. That's all I can say about him. He is a good guy who cares for his friends and Teresa and soon Brenda.

With an awesome Character like Minho, Minho is a bit of an ass with a sarcastic streak and a super hothead...But he is also courageous dependable and a great fighter.

Newt is an awesome character. Even characters like Frypan or Aris, who you don't get much about, are engaging characters.

For some reason, I just can't support Thomas as a character....the main character.
The story for me, slightly suffers because with it being told from Thomas' POV, you don't get to really see, hear or get inside the other character's heads unless Thomas is with them.

I was glad to see that this time around instead of the story being COMPLETELY thomas centric...that other character's such as Minho(my favorite) actually were able to have some time to shine and develop themselves as characters.

Minho is the "leader" now for the glade kids but he at first feels like he shouldn't be and you see him teetering between being aggressive or being compassionate. He had to learn that it is not always smart to go in guns blazing and sometimes running away or backing down is smarter.

Newt finds himself as the voice of reason.

Teresa.....I did not like her in Maze runner and I don't really like her now. Her "betrayals" and the back and forth in this book just annoyed me. I still dont even know if i could trust her.

Aris....With aris appearing in this book, the "betrayal" at the end would have been much better had he been developed better as a character. Thomas and Aris did not speak that much in the book because half the time Aris was too afraid to speak or THomas did not want to speak. So when Aris was revealed to be a traitor...i was like...k cool, let's move on.

Brenda....Brenda is another one of thomas' love interest....Unlike Teresa, I liked Brenda when she first appeared. she was a badass and I loved it. But the more she hung with Thomas, i began to dislike her because like so many characters, it feels like almost every character on this story has to depend and rely on Thomas to develop them.

I get that he is the main character but characters should also be able to stand on their own feet somewhat.
She went from bad ass, to whiny, pouty girl to sort of bad ass to whiny to sort of badass again.

She is WAY more appealing than Teresa though.


The maze Runner and Scorch trials are one of my top 5 book series(GOne & The Enemy being number 1 an 2). Minho is simply awesome, The plot is very engaging and you almost feel like you are suffering and struggling to survive along with them.

The weak parts of this story is Thomas and his love interest because Thomas as a character is simply boring to me.

I'd rank The Maze Runner 3.4 out of 5

I'd rank the scorch trials 4 out of 5

I am almost finished with the death cure :)

Again if you are a fan of the maze runner series, you should check out

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