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Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff
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Jun 08, 2012

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Reading Progress

06/08 page 7
2.0% "If this author does not stop it with the terrible analogies, I am going to throw this book across the room."
06/08 page 13
4.0% "I really cannot handle all these direct quotes without footnotes. NEEDS MOAR CITATION"
06/13 page 24
7.0% "I was about to lose my mind for lack of citation when I decided to look at the end and, huzzah, there are endnotes! Rather than putting a numerical note, she just lists the page number and then says, "for this section, the citation is etc." A bit unconventional, but I confess it does make the main body more readable and the citations are there for those who want them (e.g. ME), so I guess good job Stacy Schiff!"
06/15 page 50
14.0% "This book is like fact vomit. She's spewing out all this information, but she keeps veering from subject to subject. It always seems like she's not done with the first topic when she's suddenly switching gears and moving on to the next; and the topics don't seem to have much in common, so I can't really follow her train of thought or figure out why she finds all this relevant."
06/28 page 88
24.0% "I'm pretty sure I've never seen the virgin Mary depicted with the traditional pharaonic crown of feathers and cow's horns. But nice try."
07/29 page 100
27.0% "This brief footnote made me suddenly interested in knowing more about law enforcement in Ptolemaic Egypt as well as throughout the ancient world... Any recommendations?"
07/30 page 112
30.0% "JUBA!!!! *fangirl flails*"
08/03 page 117
32.0% "As an Italian, it's kind of disheartening to read about what an uncultured cesspool ancient Rome was. I would like to think we were awesome at one point, thanks so much. (It's not just this book, I've gone through this with just about every book I've ever read about this period. "Rome was dirty, Rome was ugly, Romans were miserable people who ruined the world." Cool, glad to hear it, thanks.)"
08/04 page 120
33.0% "See, I just find these bold proclamations about Roman women a bit hard to swallow, knowing the kind of power Livia and other empresses wielded and the way they were worshipped by the populace. Cleopatra biographers really love to tear Rome down, but I feel like there was more of a gray area than this depiction allows for."
10/10 page 145
39.0% "This suddenly reminded me of an article I recently read about the influence of Isiacism on early Christianity, an article I would have found very compelling had the primary reference source not been Wikipedia."
10/14 page 155
42.0% "Oh, look. A bold pronouncement about Octavian with no citation. I'm not surprised, are you?"
10/14 page 164
44.0% "Seriously, what the heck was wrong with these people? I don't feel like I'm going to throw up now or anything."
12/10 page 201
54.0% "It's taken me 6 months to read 6 chapters, so at that rate I should be done in 3 more months. XD"
01/05 page 203
55.0% "This author has a bizarre obsession with/complex about aging, and the fact that she apparently thinks all women share it kind of makes me shake my head."
03/15 page 237
64.0% "90 more pages... 90 more pages... (not counting the 40-some pages of endnotes)"
05/03 marked as: gave-up-on
04/06 marked as: did-not-finish
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