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And Then He Said I'm Beautiful by Nallux
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Jun 07, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: m-m, assfaces
Read on June 07, 2012

I liked this a lot. I really did, surprisingly. The writing was real good even though there were some typos but it's free! And when he grabbed the vanilla ice-ream I thought it was some kind of sexual toy but turned out to be just ice-cream! Still I should look up and see if there are flavored frozen sex toys called ice-ream, if there isn't the author should copyright the title ASAP because it's funny.

I was able to forgive Jared's assholism because he was more of just the obvious inconsiderate asshole and not just an intentional asshole.

I do find it weird he can remember his dates with women but not with Casey? And later he is supposed to have liked Casey and stuff but he'd still rather spend dates and dinners with other people and then just go fuck Casey and leave. I don't care how oblivious you are you couldn't like spending time with him that much if you'd rather date and flirt with other people and just not have sex with them to then go fuck Casey and leave as soon as he was done. So yeah hard to believe what he said at the end about liking Casey for more than just sex because obviously if there is another option for socializing he would jump on the chance and just ditch Casey without even telling Casey he wasn't going to show up. So when Casey said he doesn't care yeah he really doesn't so the words at the end were meaningless since his actions are the complete opposite.

Still liked the story though.

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Heather C Come pick me up off the floor!! I think I just fell from shock!!

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Hope you didn't Hurt yourself

Heather C I think I injured my lady balls

message 4: by V (new)

V I bet I won't find any tipos errors ;)

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions I don't think you'd like it lol

Heather C No hablo espanol

MsMiz (Tina) It was really surprising to me that B liked this one. Pleasantly surprised - there may be hope for you yet dear!! hee

Heather C T I was using reverse psychology on him the entire time. This is only the 2nd time it's EVER worked!!!

MsMiz (Tina) We will have to try other tactics.....hmmmm.....

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions I was over half way and already liking it before I told you I was reading it

MsMiz (Tina) What does that have to do with. I told you NOT TO read it before you even started it. In fact I could go back to texts and see that while I was reading it I was screaming NO B DON'T....apparently H tried the same thing!

Heather C I did the EXACT same things weeks ago when I was reading. No way I'm going back THAT many text though. He even told me that you told him not to read it.

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions I already had forgotten those texts lol. Have to read some others soon. I'm compulsive about reviewing them all

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions I don't listen very well apparently

Heather C Sure sure. Just like a man! Seriously WHAT had happened to my Bubbles??!!!!

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Honey badger don't give a shit lol

message 17: by V (new)

V Heather C wrote: "No hablo espanol"

lmao ....

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