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Stress Pandemic by Paul Huljich
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Jun 07, 12

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Read in May, 2012

Stress Pandemic
By Paul Huljuch
255pp. USA
Midpoint Trade Books $16.95
ISBN: 978-0-615-48920-9

According to the World Health Organization, 450 million people globally and 26.2% of Americans 18 or older suffer from mental disorders. They estimate that by 2020, depression would be the second most widespread disease globally. But what does this have to do with stress? Why, stress is the leading cause of mental illness. Author of Stress Pandemic has first handedly experienced chronic stress, a serious unbalance in his life. After curing himself, he has decided to share his knowledge of the sometimes subtle pandemic.

Symptoms of stress include obsessive or compulsive behaviors, having trouble sleeping, sadness, tension, hostility, lack of energy and patience, feeling worthless, mental illness, having an imbalance of appetite, disorganization, forgetfulness, reduced work efficiency, and nervous habits. Most of the time, they are not visible, not easily noticeable. Causes of stress consist of but are not limited to dating, time pressure, poor sleep, poor diet, marriage, pregnancy, moving homes, financial issues, not meeting goals, legal problems, committing to a major financial decision, a job change, or dealing with accidents.

Being this book does teach the reader how to cure and reduce stress, Huljich made a list comprised of 9 steps, which are to be taken to tackle stress problems.

1. Take Charge: recognize that you are stressed and commit to change your ways
2. Kick bad habits: decrease dependence on addictions
3. Learn to say no: do not commit to obligations you do not have time or energy for
4. Affirmations: focus on affirmations
5. Exercise: exercise and reflect on yourself
6. Nutrition: take your time eating, avoid processed foods, drink water, eat organic
7. Sleep: sleep to allow the body to heal and recuperate
8. Power of awareness: know when to say yes or no
9. Don’t give up: practice the nine steps for 30 days

Aside from providing advice, Huljich also teaches the reader a lot about the human body, and particularly the brain and related hormones and chemicals. I was able to relate this to AP Biology, as we also touched upon Adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins, hormones, melatonin, neurotransmitters, serotonin, and norepinephrine. He even provides food pyramids and a table teaching the reader about mercury found in fish, as well as a glycemic index food chart. What I found most interesting though, were charts about sleep and a diagram about foot reflexology. A teenager is supposed to have 8.5-10 hours of sleep, but we clearly do not sleep even close to that amount. I was also surprised to find that during REM, brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow, respiration, and sexual arousal increases. And a fun fact, walking barefoot can stimulate 7200 nerve endings in the feet.

Finally, at the end of the book is a tool created to measure the likelihood of a person developing a mental sickness due to stress. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially teenagers though, because it is essential to be educated on this topic. Teenagers are typically very stressed out, so it would be helpful to learn how to cope with and relieve it. There is also dietary information as well as information about our bodies that the public really needs to know about, but doesn’t.
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