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A Fall of Water by Elizabeth   Hunter
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Jun 07, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2012

If you read my blog at all you know that I have been a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Hunter ever since I read the first book in the Elemental Mysteries series, A Hidden Fire. I cant believe I am now trying to put together my thoughts on the last book in this amazing series! It is so bittersweet to finish a series that you love, especially when the last book, A Fall of Water, was so satisfying.

If you have not read the rest of the series go get them, read them, then come back here:)

What I love the most about A Fall of Water is that Elizabeth Hunter has continued to grow the characters I know and love, while still introducing new ones into the story to keep it fresh. I was very happy that I got to read about all my favorite characters in this last book.

Beatrice, is adapting very well to her new vampire life. At the beginning of the book I really liked that I got to see Beatrice struggle with not being able to be around humans for a time because of blood lust, and that she wasn’t able to control herself right away. I loved that, even though Beatrice is now a vampire, she is still her old self too, still pouring over books and studying to find the next clue, and putting everything she has into her training. She doesn’t take anything for granted. The love story between her and Gio is ever growing and strengthening. I really enjoyed all the time devoted to them throughout A Fall of Water, as this is the last book focused on them.

I was surprised to see how much Ben, Gio’s adopted nephew, had grown up. It came across very clearly how much he loves his adoptive family.

The fact that he had been adopted by vampires no longer phased the young man. No, it was the mornings he woke in a warm bed, surrounded by the sounds of family and signs of comfort that he pinched himself.

Ben has really taken a lot from all the training Gio has put him through and has become very protective of the ones he loves.

“It’s okay, B. It’s just us, okay?” She could hear the hitch in his voice. “For right now, it’s okay. It’s just me.”
She sniffed and tried to remember when Ben had grown up. It had happened without her even realizing it. The young man threw an arm around her shoulders, and Beatrice allowed herself to lean into him. Ben rocked back and forth, comforting his aunt and sniffing back his own tears.

I hope to see more of Ben in a spinoff book! The scenes between Ben and Tenzin in this book are so much fun and gave further depth to both of them, and the two of them brought a smile to my face with their bickering. And Elizabeth Hunter those last two pages!!! You are killing me… What is going to go on there?!?! Whatever it is, I am definitely not bored. Keep it coming.

For all of you who are in love with Carwyn, (I am at the top of this list.) you will not be disappointed in A Fall of Water! This is a bit of a conversation between Carwyn and B:

“Who’s Brigid?”
He only frowned and cleared his throat. “Sixth century Irish bishop. Patron saint of Ireland. Who else do you want to know about? Matilda? Bomeni?”
“You’re so not getting out of that question!”
He shifted and scooted forward, as if to go. “I should go back to sleep. Keep your celebrating down, B.”
She pulled on his arm. “No fair.”
He stood and turned back to her. “If I recall, once upon a time, you weren’t quite so forthcoming about a certain vampire and your feelings, so leave it be, Beatrice.”
“Carwyn, what—”
“Leave it be.” His voice was rough, and a light flared in his eyes.
She sat, looking up at him. He didn’t look angry, or even irritated. He looked... peaceful. And maybe a little resigned. “You’ll tell me someday?

Oh my gravy! Reading A Fall of Water made me want Carwyn’s book so much more than I already did.

The family that Gio and Beatrice have created together is incredibly strong. It takes every one of their loved ones to get them through the trials they faced in A Fall of Water. I will not trouble you with lots of spoilers because I want you to read this awesome series through its end.

Beatrice stepped closer to read it. “There’s a quote here.”

Desine iam tandem precibusque inflectere nostris,
Ne te tantus edit tacitam dolor et mihi curae
Saepe tuo dulci tristes ex ore recursent.
Uentum ad supremum est.

“What is it?” Giovanni asked.
“It’s from Virgil. The last book of The Aeneid.”
His voice was soft. “What passage?”
“It’s when Juno and Jupiter are making peace in the last book. ‘Now cease, at last, and give way to my entreaties, lest such sadness consume you in silence, and your bitter woes stream back to me often from your sweet lips.’” She paused, blinking back the tears as she read the final line. “‘It has reached its end.'"

And what an amazing ending. I hope to see glimpses of all the characters I have come to love in future books from Elizabeth Hunter.

Happy Reading,
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