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Clarity by Kim Harrington
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Jun 07, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

Having read quite a few paranormal romances, recently I kept finding books that had very similar storylines so I was surprised and intrigued when I found Clarity as the story was based on a new concept, one of psychic abilities that I hadn't read much about before.

Clarity 'Clare' Fern was the main protagonist and was an excellent choice as she was instantly likeable. I loved her from the star and with the added humour and courage she had, made me laugh a lot - especially with the Tiffany incident! Although known as a freak as the novel was set from her point of view, the reader could actually understand her motives and feelings so saw her in a different light to those around her. She was daring, funny and charismatic and her loyalty to her family was really adorable. Her overprotective brother Periwinkle Perry' Fern was really sweet from the start in his relationship with his sister and I immediately liked him - especially when he stood up to Stephen for her (so sweet!). Clare's mother, Starla, has her own ability which was very amusing to watch at sometimes and i loved her for putting it to good use. Then we had other characters in the book, Justin, Gabriel and the creation of the love triangle which wasn't annoying but quite surprising of how it was developed throughout the novel. Gabriel was an interesting character, being a newcomer to town he disapproved of those with psychic abilities however found it hard to not like Clare because of her good personality. Most of the characters had a change of heart after going through difficult circumstances and events which was good as it added more suspense to the story as you weren't entirely sure of anyone's true thoughts and feelings.

Starting off with a very intense beginning, it definitely lead me onto read on and since then I could not put it down and finished the book within a day. Kim Harrington was always sure to keep the reader interested and I admit there was no part of the book I found boring but actually I was on edge on every turn of a page. Aside from the psychic abilities this would not have been a great novel without the murder as reading a story of having a psychic ability and just using it for other people's entertainment would be really dull. Kim developed the story so that Clare could use her psychic abilities in a real life and serious situation from which she could also prove herself to be real and not a fraud or a 'freak' as known to most of her classmates. The plot created was quite intense and intriguing and just kept building up creating loads of doubts and it was all revealed at the very end which was excellent as I hate reading novels where the reader is aware of the secrets but the characters in the book are clueless - that is annoying! There was action, mayhem, humour, romance all in one making it an exceptionally pleasing read.

I truly loved this novel, it was extremely enjoyable and now I'm definitely looking forward to the next novel Perception. I love the characters and ending with a little bit of revelation and I would love to see that develop in the next book. One of my favourite novels so far as it targets the reader well and I didn't find any faults within the content, language or characters so I recommend to those readers of YA Fiction and give the book a five star rating out of five!

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