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What I Did For a Duke by Julie Anne Long
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Jun 06, 2012

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I read this book against the advice of others and my better judgement (I mean, how can the duke take revenge by punishing his enemy's sister?!! That sounds so barbaric, like what used to happen centuries ago in the Middle Eastern areas). But, well, here I am, grinning sheepishly and sleep-deprived for having stayed up all night to finish this book.
I have to say, I liked the beginning and the end more than I did of the middle of the book. I really liked the duke (I'll call him Alex, because although he's referred to more often as M-something-something, I simply cannot pronounce or remember the word) and his cold, sarcastic exterior. I also adored Genevieve because despite her innocent, bright exterior, she's cunning, smart and pleasurably sarcastic as well. When both of them communicate - bang! - it was full of quiet hilarity and chemistry.
That was the first half of the book. By the second half, I wanted to mentally kick Genevieve for being so predictable and stupid? naive. And maybe Alex, too, for luring Genevieve in. But in the last few chapters, the duke redeems himself, Genevieve sees the light (and perhaps regains her sanity) and all's well that end's well.
And they didn't even lose their satirical composures.
What i didn't like about this book though, was that the author had to make Alex forty years old. Heck, he's almost twice the age of Genevieve! Alex's is old enough to be her father, for god's sake! WHY??????????? I mean, surely a guy can still be, say, 10 years younger than that and still be ruthless, cold, formidable, and most of all, gentlemanly, right? (Good god, don't answer that, I couldn't bear to hear the answer). The stark age difference between the two lovers kind of smouldered the chemistry between them slightly for me.
On the whole, a nice, light read. Definitely worth the lack of sleep.
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Kimmy You're out of your mind.

*MariaA* you mean to say all that was happening
in europe was not barbaric, get a life dear

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