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The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
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Oct 09, 08

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My Problem that I Know Will Not Actual Bother Everyone:

Okay, the main ‘hero’ is an immortal warrior who is partially controlled by demon of Violence. Yes, Violence, which the heroine, Ashlyn, is dating. He spends the first 50 pages (give or take) chanting kill, murder, slice, hurt, killkillkill to himself. He acknowledges that while he tries to fight the demon, he does fail - on a nearly nightly bases. Now, I’m aware that in this genre love conquers all and that relationships and people in romance novels are not expected to be 100% realistic. I know this. But. If your best friend, Sally, comes to you and says that she met this really great guy who is loving and caring and good to her, but he tells her that he holds the demon of Violence in his body, not joking, you would think one of three things 1). He is crazy, 2) He has a demon of Violence in his body, or 3) this is a lovely metaphor of his behavior after three beers. In any case, wouldn’t you tell Sally to run, not walk, to the nearest exit? I had a really hard time overlooking the mass murder aspect of their relationship. My bad.

The Other Problems with the Book:

The Hero(s). The hero and his friends are the ultimate ‘bad boys.’ They are immortal warriors each containing a demon. Maddox, the warrior of this book, has the demon of Violence and is only partly in control of it. And why does he have this demon? Because he and his friends were so pissed off that the job of guarding the box of demons was given to Pandora, a girl, that they stole the box and opened it and so released Violence, Wrath, Death, Disease, Disaster, Pain, Misery, Lies, Secrets, Doubt, and Promiscuity into the world. Yeah. Very heroic. Maddox also has the distinction of being the one who killed Pandora, while he was Violence.

The Villains. So, when demons were first placed in these immortal warriors, the demons pretty much wrecked havoc slaying and killing the population for many, many, many years until the warriors figured how to imperfectly control them. In the mean time, those pesky human who were being butchered trained up fighters to kill the demons/warriors. Yes, we’re the bad guys.

The Mythology. I think the author could have picked better demons. For example, Violence and Wrath. Both guys are all about the killing. Violence has whole mindless rage going on while Wrath kills people according to their crime (rapists have their penis removed, etc). Shouldn’t Wrath be Hammurabi or Vengeance? Or is that not evil enough? Because I don’t think Promiscuity, Lies, or Secrets are that evil either. I mean, Secrets? Really?

Pandora's Box. So the bad guys, the humans, learned that if they can find Pandora’s box and hold it next to the demon ridden immortal warriors, the demons will be sucked back into the box. The side effect will be the death of the warriors, but as Maddox spent some time complaining that there’s no way to kill himself because he just heals back that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. Needless to say, the immortal warriors are not so keen to die when it comes down to it. Now, if I hosted, let’s say Misery (we can all agree that misery is bad), and have done things in the past thousand years that make the rest of the world miserable, I would say ‘sucks to be me’ and embrace the box. But it gets better, because in the book’s reality, if I get sucked into the box – all Misery in the whole world would disappear. All of it. No more Misery. Even if it wasn’t originally my fault, even if I was an innocent bystander, if I were hosting Misery and killing the demon and myself I was ridding the world of all Misery for ever and ever, I would kind of consider it my duty to let myself be sucked into the box. And I am a selfish, selfish person.

Necessary Evil. Which leads us to another little question of what would happen if only Death and Lies got sucked into the box? I’ll even throw in Disease as well. Death, Lies, and Disease are in the box and out of the world. Which means no more telling Aunt Jenny you love the fruitcake and the orange sweater she gave you for your birthday. Lies help grease the social wheel. Just a fact. Which leaves us with the problem of Death and age. You don’t get eternal youth, you just don’t get to die. You can still be injured and hurt and age, but no Death. It’s probably a good thing that the immortal warriors are not going into the box.

Plot and Character. There are two issues that immediately spring to mind. So, those horrible, nasty humans managed to off one of the immortal warriors several hundreds of years ago which caused the immortal group of warriors to split into two factions. One faction wanted to kill the people who were responsible for the warrior’s death, burn down the city and the kill the rest of the population. The other wanted to kill all the people who were responsible for the warrior’s death and hide themselves away from the world. Now, Promiscuity (suck it up sex positive people, it’s a sin) needs to sleep with at least, at least, two women a day and they can’t be the same woman. No repeats. As a ‘hero’ he decides to hide himself away from the world, except for his many, many trips a day into town for sex. Does this make sense? Shouldn’t he be walking the world getting laid? Even if he strikes out on his own rather than hanging out with either faction, sleeping his way through Europe? Based on the first book, on average, he has a thousand different women a year. In an isolated area? Up in the mountains? Does he order them from the internet? My second problem is that when Ashlyn, the female lead, learns that Maddox is being punish because he murdered Pandora by stabbing her six times in the stomach her response is “We all make mistakes.” Well, yes, yes, we do. I, myself, killed someone in a mindless rage just this morning. Seriously? Because you could reasonable forgive him. You could. It was a long time ago, he has been punished, he really wasn’t himself when he killed her, she loves him. But I want to see that reasoning. I want her to actually think about it. Which leaves the minor problems of introducing a literal god in the machine to break the curse, having to life bond Ashlyn and Maddox because he is immortal and she’s human, and pull out all the stops to convince the reader that the human hunters are the bad guys.
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message 1: by Beanbag (new)

Beanbag Love Great review/rant! Spot on.

message 2: by K. (new)

K. LOL! So entertaining! I was kind of considering this series . . . maybe not. Thanks for the great (and humerous) review. ;)

The Flooze The tears. Are rolling. Down. My. Face. Freakin' hilarious.

Ilse Snell *hahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!* that was a hilariously brilliant review! Though, I will still read it, if only to confirm the rant :)

The Flooze It is SO true.

Ahrcadia the Duck Tamer L-O-Freakin'-L

message 7: by Kat Kennedy (new) - added it

Kat Kennedy This was absolutely hilarious! I haven't read this book but... well... I think I preferred reading your review!

Matthew I am totally loving the book its fiction and the writing is inviting

Shea He spends the first 50 pages (give or take) chanting kill, murder, slice, hurt, killkillkill to himself.

LOL!! I so have to read this book now.

message 10: by Destiny (new)

Destiny Awesome review, man.

message 11: by SimBim (new)

SimBim Ha! You're funny :)

Matthew hey cant really be a one 1 lol, this must not be your genre

message 13: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Amazing review. You had me laughing from start to finish. Of course this has thoroughly spoiled me and I won't read the series. Thanks :)

message 14: by Yui (new) - added it

Yui I've had this in my list for a while but after reading this I'm crossing it out. I had all the fun I needed with just this review^-^

Kristina you nailed it.

Lindsay Definitely nailed it and some of the descriptive writing made me gag. Like Disaster who luckily had a "thick mane of tabby-cat hair". Seriously, wtf?

message 17: by Princessjay (new)

Princessjay LOL!

Mariel (TheCrownedGoddessReads) That was a great review and funny (love sarcasm). I was considering this series but not anymore! Tnx!

nd - ♥ Master's kitten ♥ I tried... really and truly tried to read this series... but I can't even get through the 1st book! Your review was hilarious, and helped me to decide to just shelve this book/series and move on! Thanks for the laughs!

message 20: by Amy *Waitforit* (new)

Amy *Waitforit* Thank you for a funny and honest review I have now decided that this series may not be for me =)

Alexis Yessss you have said it all ! When I write my reviews I try to be fair, but sometimes I leave things out in a review afraid that it will ruin something for other readers, but enough is enough! lol. I love her other series, interwined I believe it's called... this one was not a winner with me tho, agree with you 100%!

message 22: by Petia (new) - added it

Petia Ivanova I read your review about a year ago and decided to past this series. But I run out of good romance series and gave Gena a shot. Stupid me...Now I think that I'm possessed of the demon of Misery. Still on 3th book and already want to kill myself. Too much sugar and eyes-rolling. ...btw the review is hilarious:)))))))))

Christy I never could finish this book. I stopped somewhere in chapter 6...I think. Nothing personal against the author, but this book was too choppy, too many gaps in the story, and just plain silly.
A lot of people genuinely enjoy her books, that's cool - it's whatever appeals to you, but not me and this book did not.

message 24: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Now I'm even more unsure if I should read this. I've read the excerpt on amazon a while ago and I couldn't really get warm with it. From that bit it wasn't even the guy, though, but that girl. He kidnapped her, treats her like shit in their lair, but she just wants to be close to him. That was kinda too much. But I liked the interaction between the guys. Not sure about the writing anymore. But the little excerpt left me unsure. To read or not to read? Now I'm even more unsure. Maybe I need some 5 star reviews. *lol*

message 25: by Sanette (new) - added it

Sanette I was going to read this book but your review was much better. Thanks for the heads up, this is money I can hopefully spend on a better series. Awesome review!

Missy Fitch Got to say I LOVED this review! I totally get what you are saying. I also thought some of the same things you did. That being said, I LOVED this book. I thought it was awesome. I really just ignored some of the stuff (like the world being better if they sucked the demons back in the box. lol and the murder of Pandora. ) I haven't gotten so much into the series really but I really enjoyed this book.

Superbunny hilarious review - but oh so true... the books in this series are indeed hard to read - especially for normal people who expect a reasonable amount of logic and sense in the characters and plots, lol.

message 28: by Katinki (new)

Katinki Excellent review is excellent.

I was thinking of trying this book. Now... I'm not. Well, not unless I'm very, very bored and there's a full bottle of my favorite wine on the table beside me.

message 29: by Isha (new) - added it

Isha Very creatively snarky. and to think i was thiss close to reading this book.
Thank you!

Tamikasipke Exactly my thoughts, I couldn't say it better :) Loved your review!

Brittany Duncan Totally spot on and hilarious.

message 32: by Shamara (new)

Shamara I must say I like this review but I think that is due to the fact that I couldn't laughing especially at the plot and characters where you say "Maddox is being punish because he murdered Pandora by stabbing her six times in the stomach her response is “We all make mistakes.” Well, yes, yes, we do. I, myself, killed someone in a mindless rage just this morning." that was a hoot...

Julie Smith Sorry but getting through your rant of the book was hard to do without yawning. If you don't like the genre - then why try to read the book and then write a review that turns people off the series completely? I love the LOTU books - and really all para romance books stretch your imagination, and are not meant to be "literary works". I guess I would pay more attention to your reviews if your were also a top selling author, but alas you are not so as the saying goes..,those who can't write...lengthy reviews on Good Reads.

message 34: by Jen (new) - rated it 1 star

Jen I hate this book but love your review. It was right on the money and had me rolling on the floor with laughter

Emily Great review! I totally agree.

Mercedes I like that you listed everything you thought was wrong with the book. But if you don't mind can I make some corrections to some of your comments.

1st: Ashlyn isn't a normal girl, nor does she have any real friends, like Sally. And when she first goes to the house she believes that the men are angels not demons. However, even if they are demons she was willing to risk it so she could either learn to control the voices or to rid herself of them.

2nd: He is possessed by the demon, yes, but he tries his damnedest to control it. He doesn't go to town, so if he does lose control he won't hurt any innocents. And as for him helping open the box. So what he let his pride get the better of him. He is an immortal and therefore, doesn't really see things from our point-of-view. I mean he wasn't born so all he has was the gods to teach him. These same gods are the ones who would rape women or steal whatever they wanted. They started wars just to amuse themselves.

3rd:Hunters are evil. They are as bad as the demons. They rape, steal, lie, cheat, curse, and kill anyone, including innocent men, women, and children, anyone who gets in their way of making Utopia. So yeah, bad guys.

4th: Violence and Wrath are good demons, yeah so what that both of them are about killing. They both stem from evil, and are to different things. Wrath is like revenge, you harm someone who has harmed someone else. Violence is fighting without reason with out cause, just because you don't like someone or something. Its cruel and destructive.

5th: The demons do NOT influence the world. If you put the demons back it wouldn't change the world. Not as long as humans have free will. We choose whether we want to lie or to cheat, or if we want to have sex with anyone and everyone. It is our choices that make the world evil.

6th: These warriors only had each other. So they are the only family they know. When Baden got killed they kind of lost it. It is understandable. Some of them wanted peace, some wanted war. The ones wanting peace made a home in Budapest, where they kept the city safe and well moneyed. So it became a big tourist destination, where lots of women from all over came. Some of them decided to keep to themselves inside the castle. Like disease, who couldn't touch another human being without starting a plague, or wrath, who, when presented with all the sins of people, might lose control of the demon and slaughter them, and who thought humans weak, or violence who couldn't stay away from the castle all night, due to being cursed. It is perfectly understandable why some of these men stayed holed up in their house, while Paris went to town.

7th: When Ashlyn finds out that Maddox killed Pandora she sees that he has been tormented by the guilt ever since he found out. But that he has tried to be a decent man, who carries a demon, one that has tried done nothing but good things for the city he calls home. And because she loves him she wants to be his "princess" who is willing to give her life for him. This is a fairytale in it finest form, she is not perfect, she in not of royal blood, but she loves this man, who given her something she has never had before, he gives her a home, and friendship, and pleasure, and love, and silence. All of which she has never known.

8th: G. Showalter may have left some blanks but that why its a series. If you want answers, read the entire series, including the branch off series, ANGELS OF DARK.

If you have never read this series give it a chance, you might grow to love the LofU, and if not I pretty sure you will of the AoD!

message 37: by Tai (new) - rated it 1 star

Tai Thank you for the excellent review! You've summed all my issues with this book absolutely perfectly and so I'm excused from writing my own :)
I had great hopes for this book. Well, my search for the next great PNR series continues.

Olianea LOL, suspension of belief...there is a reason its called fiction. But you do make a still continuing to read tough. its been a while since i found something close to the brotherhood

message 39: by Lina (new)

Lina Mercedes wrote: "We choose whether we want to lie or to cheat, or if we want to have sex with anyone and everyone. It is our choices that make the world evil."

There is nothing wrong with having lots of sex. And there is no such thing as "evil". Quit being so judgmental.

Also: Hate on promiscuity makes me not wanting to try this book. Or anything by Showalter. But nice review!

Roberta great review dear ... my exact thoughts of this read . .. its been long since I've wanted to start them
now im soooo disappointed in this first book . . hope the others are waaaay better ...... in need of Demons/Vamps/Werewolves lycon series to read ....

Janet Murphy-DeBlois If you take one person's opinion as a measure of a book, you are going to miss some great reads!

cassi I loved this book and I prefer to have books be as far from the real world as possible! Why read if you aren't trying to leave the world behind, isn't that the point of getting into a good book? I have read almost every book this author has put out and can say she is one of my favorite authors. I think you should read the book for yourself and make your own opinion on it. Don't be swayed by someone who can't use their imagination properly.

message 43: by Lina (new)

Lina cassi, escapism is only one factor that makes books appealing. Many people value other factors, more or equally.

And I would be careful with accusations of "can't use their imagination properly". How can one measure imagination, and what allows you to see a person's ability of using it better than that person themselves? After all, you only know what's in your own head.

cassi Ok you make a good point. But with this genre I don't think there are many other factors. It is paranormal or some consider it fantasy, so what other factors but to escape would you want out of it? The part I said about imagination is that I thought people on here shouldn't be swayed by one person's thoughts, but read it for themselves. But it seemed many would take another's word and wouldn't sample it for themselves. I guess my words weren't quite right, for that I apologize. But it's a fact that you never know what you might like until you have tried it.

message 45: by Lina (last edited Jan 10, 2015 11:49PM) (new)

Lina It depends on the story. A fantasy story with a dystopia can appeal to someone who loves social criticism, for example. Or stories that explore a psychological effect of magic on people's minds, can appeal to people who love to analyse people. Or you love world building and read a Tolkien - or you love linguistics and read a Tolkien. Or you love to roll on the floor from laughter and read an Aaronovitch.
Just because it's fantasy doesn't mean it's only good for escapism. :)

Well, yeah, sort of. It depends on whether the person whose judgment you trust had similar opinions to your own on other books - or maybe you simply trust someone's judgment. Or you say "Okay, that sounds like two things I dislike, I really don't want to make time for that when I don't see a possibility to enjoy it. And I've got other things to do".
In the end, we all need to weigh the pro's and con's of reading a book. We won't have time for every book in the world, so naturally, when we see the possibility that we won't enjoy this or that book, we prefer to read other books of which we are more sure that they will be enjoyable.

And I appreciate your apology - it's always a fine line in online threads, to tell people that what they said wasn't quite right. Thank you for not biting my head off. :D

cassi Your welcome.

message 47: by Ali (new)

Ali This review rocks. I'm only reading it now, because I got it for free.

message 48: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara Excellent review! I cannot understand the 4 stars this book has! Also, I loved this "Pandora's box is a story parents read to their children at night" WTF? Who? Who reads that to their children? Is there a special "Greek cautionary tales for children" out there I know nothing about...wait, there probably is. Of all the things that come to my mind about what Pandora's myth is, that was not even on the list.

Emily Cassidy Totally agree with your comments! Could not get past the insufferable main characters to even enjoy the dirty parts. I won't even go into what I thought about that outside of one word: unrealistic.

Not sure HOW this got 4 stars I skipped through most of the one word grunts that took up 90% of the book. Her Alice in Zombieland books were SO good and addictive - how could the same person have written this atrocious story? Super disappointing on all accounts.

Angelatiu I knew i wasn't the only one who had a problem with this book! Great review!

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