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All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann
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Jun 06, 2012

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I was originally going to give this installment of the Troubleshooters series only 2 stars. I mean, I could feel my cavities growing the entire time I was reading it -- sugar and honey everywhere, good Lord, the whole thing was waaaaay too saccharine for words. But then I got to the Author's Notes.

You see, Suzanne Brockmann is an unabashedly, unashamedly, and unquiet Liberal with a Capitol L. And she has a gay son. And she writes great author's notes.

This book, All Through the Night, is all about the marriage, in Boston, between one of the main series characters, Jules, and his partner Robin. Brockmann actually wrote Jules into her series long before her son came out, and he has been a major character throughout the series ever since. In the notes at the end of this book, Brockmann expresses some of her hopes and fears and angers over the fight for gay rights in this country, including her own activities with PFLAG -- and she also mentions that **all** of the proceeds from this book are going directly to MassEquality, whose purpose is to defend the right to same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

And for that, Brockmann deserves at least one extra star.

She closes her author's notes by saying, to those who still oppose equal rights for everybody: "What part of love don’t you understand?"
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