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WereSlave by Lia Slater
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Jun 06, 2012

it was amazing
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In this world Werewolves are hunted down or treated like second class citizens. It makes it even worse when the Queen Nayla was attacked as a young teenager. Her parents are killed and she was hurt. When a strange pack wonders into her country, she wants nothing from them except, to rot in her dungeon. Mace the alpha of the pack, sits naked and in filth, as they starve and wait to die. The pack had been wandering looking for a new place to call home and were attacked and thrown in a dungeon, just because they are werewolves. Nayla, according to the country's laws, can't marry and can not have a human lover. So it becomes a very lonely place unless you have someone to occupy her nights with. It has been tradition to chose a Were Slave. That is the only acceptable lover that the people will allow and she is very lonely. So Nayla walks among the captives and sees a hansom blue eyed werewolf. She is horrified at what she is thinking of doing but knows that if she wants a companion at all this is her option. Mace see her and is just angry. Mace, is an alpha, and a very proud man. When he learns he is to be a slave to the queen, he is not thrilled, even if it is sex with a beautiful women. So the story is about the 2 main characters working through there differences, learning that evil comes in all packages not just Werewolves, finding love and LOTS of sweaty sex. The sex scenes are plentiful and very good!

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