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Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea
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Jun 06, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

I believe it was all about the perfect timing ,i read this book at the time in my life i could understand the girls confused point of view about life ,and coming from an eastern conservative society -not as KSA but still conservative-i really can relate to every aspect ,thought and risk in thier lives .
They would die to adapt the western life of choosing thier own partner based on and only on true love,no matter how long they would wait to find it,but yet they are searching in a very uptight eastern society with all it's rules and restrictions ,which makes the love hard to find but yet when it is found -first challenge passed-the marriage desicion is hard to be taken due to all the restrictions and traditions of the eastern society.
so the international question would rise again ,what makes a succesful marriage ?! is it what is said in hollywood movies -creating all the fussy mess in the world including hollywood itself-or is it what the earlier generations of our grandparents adapted that left them sticking together through the best and the worst and till the end of thier lives ?!
The book was intresting also for its sneak peak of the saudi society , bieng raised in one of the arab gulf countries made me feel this happy yearning to such a society ,so uptight and closed yet very spoiled and open behind those closed doors !

just loved the girls thier mess and how real it was ,no happy endings for all yet this is what really life is all about .

My most intrest would be in sadeem ,her desicion to marry the person who loved her not the person she loved ... how did that go with her ,i would like to know her true feelings like it was said and desrcibed prev. in the novel ,not that naive picture of a marrige with kids and a nice house ,seriouslly if i have a question for the writer that would be it ,how is sadeem? and was her desicion right or wrong ?

5 stars for the happy feeling it gave me , way to go arab girls with all ur mess ;) .
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Mariana I agree with you. I also read it in a point of my life were it really meant something. Made me realise stuff and question the way I saw life. I think is something that happens to many women in most countries. We are taught to value our lives in relation to love. If we are in love and loved back, or if we´re not in love someone else loves us. And even if we don´t have love, but can make others think we have.

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