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Wonder by R.J. Palacio
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Jun 21, 12

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A wonderful read for all ages.
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message 1: by Jade (new) - added it

Jade Planning on purchasing this. :)

Erin Just added this to my "to-read" list! :)

message 3: by Gonca (new) - added it

Gonca Yalcin Its know added to my "to-read" list too! (:

Genieve currently reading this one.. and so far so good :)

message 5: by Lyndsey (new) - added it

Lyndsey Smith Added to my 'to read' list,always keen for new material!Thank you :)

Julia Hi! can you please help answering some of these questions? You seem to know a lot about this book.
1. What does the astrounat helmet signify to Auggie's dad?
2. What events do you think had the biggest effects on Auggie?
3. Why does the cover use the tagline "dont judge a boy by his face"?
4.Why does Via (Olivia) say that she is a celestial body that orbits Auggie the sun?
Below are some of the precepts that Auggie and his classmates sent back at the end of the year. For each, Explain who the character is, why he or she chose that precept, and how it relates to his or her life.
1. " Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world" ~Auggie Pullman
2. " Its not enough to be friendly you have to be a friend". ~Charlotte Cody
3. " Sometimes its good to start over" ~ Julian Alban
4. "Your deeds are your monuments" ~ Mr. Browne
Thank you very very much for trying to answer these questions anyone thank you very much i really appreciate it!

Penny Murnane Hi Julia,
Great questions about this book! I believe your question about Via could be answered with she is merely a small object like a moon orbiting the sun in her family compared to how much attention August got because of his surgeries and how he looked to people when they went out in public. I believe the tagline "don't judge a boy by his face" signifies that Auggie is not disabled in his mind; and people should look beyond his face. I think the precepts describe each of the characters' personalities.

willie gagum Good because that's Awesome for you too say because that was not cool

Sumayya Currently reading it and it's crushing me little by little (in a good way)

message 10: by Brianna Viebrock (new)

Brianna Viebrock very true i will love this book forever!!!

Maddie Jane/Bee Branch :) Dear Julia if you are still looking for those answers I know them all…friend me please

Moultink That review is short, simple, and to the point. I totally agree.

Haneen Shaimah I love you Nicholas Sparks! i also love this book :)

message 14: by Aria (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aria this is my uppermost favorite book ever because it shows other peoples perspective beyond august and I think that awesome when I realized that when every time I read it I feel different and understand more than I did before and many times I see the quiet transformation August is going through. and that people shouldn't judge people by what they look like because that has never determined WHO a person really is and that "everyone deserves a standing ovation at least once in their life."

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