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Black Boy by Richard Wright
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Jun 06, 2012

it was amazing

This is about a boy who was to not speak as his grandmother laid in bed ill. Even though he was just four he became bored very fast and began playing with fire around the curtains. He ends of burning down his family home and out of fear ends up hiding under the house. Good thing his father, Nathan saved him from under the house, but his mother, Ella beat him until he became unconscience. After this even his Father, Nathan abandons the family while Richard and his brother, Alan are very young. So without the support of Nathan the Wright family became poor and hungry. So for the next couple of years, Ella has to work so many hours just to provide for her family she has no time to take care of her kids, so they end up getting in all sorts of trouble, even worse Richard becomes an alcoholic by the age of six. His mother becomes so ill she has to place the kids in an orphanage. But life does get better when she moves to Arkansas to live with her sister and her sister's husband, Hoskins, who runs a saloon. But sadly white men kill Hoskins and threaten to kill the rest of the family, so Ella and Maggie flee with the two kids to Wes Helena. But after a short time period Maggie flees with her lover Professor Matthew to Detroit. So times get harder when Ella had a stroke, so they moved in with their grandma to Mississippi. Richard was later given a choice to live either with his aunt or uncle, he choses to go to Greenwood with his Uncle Clark. So after learning fro ma neighbor that a boy died in the room he is in, he decides to go back and live with his grandma. Coming back his grandma makes him attend a religious school where his Aunt Addie teaches. In school Aunt Addie ends up beating Richard for eating walnuts in class when it wasn't Richard it was the kid sitting in front of him! SO she tries to beat him again after school, but he defends himself with a knife. Later on he graduates from 9th grade as a valedictorian. As he is now ready to become a full time worker he faces lots of racism. After swindling his boss at a movie theater he then moves to Memphis. WHile working in Memphis Richard gets in a boxing match with fellow black co-worker Harrison. Even through all the struggles he remains determined to become a writer! in conclusion even though he did't have much or technically barely anything he still fought through the struggle and hopefully he make sit as a writer. The most important thing he did was he didn't take anything for granted he knew exactly how bad he had it.

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