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Vampire Knight, Vol. 3 by Matsuri Hino
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Jul 19, 2015

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** spoiler alert ** Spoilers ahead!!!

This is for the whole serie so far...

I really liked this manga at the beginning. It's about vampires and vampire hunters. I really like the different vampires and their society, which is better explained in the official Fanbook. The vampire hunters are interesting as well. The art is beautiful.

The story revolves around a girl Yuki, who is raised by an ex vampire hunter, who is the administrator of a school that have both human teenagers during the day, and young vampires at night. Cross has also taken under his roof another kid, Zero, the sole survivor of a massacre of a vampire hunter family, killed by a powerful vampire. They both act as guardians in the school to protect both the teenagers and the vampires. Zero, who saw his family massacred by a vampire, is obviously not happy about this, and would rather use his vampire hunter skills to kill the vampires instead. The leader of the vampires is Kaname, a pureblood, which very powerful in their kind and also very rare. Kaname found Yuki when she was a child and was chased by a vampire, he killed said vampire and took her to Cross. Yuki has no memory before that. So the story happens at school for the most part, or I should say for the first part.

Both Zero and Kaname have their eyes on Yuki and well, Yuki has her eyes on both, who can blame her? Both are handsome. I personally prefer Zero, I have a thing for tormented character. There are a few twists in the manga I did not see coming, the one about Zero being a vampire, and the other about Yuki being a vampire too. It changed the dynamics of some relationships, especially between Zero and Yuki. Zero who already hates what he is and he's angry at himself because of what it makes him do, doesn't take well the news about Yuki... at all. Who can blame Yuki who then throws herself in Kaname's arms? No matter how much I prefer Zero, how far can a relationship go if one is that hateful? So they separate and Zero stays while Kaname and Yuki go away.

That is the first part.

In the second part is the part where I started to seriously dislike Kaname. In the first part Yuki is an active girl, full of life, responsible and independent. I had noticed moments when Kaname was treating her like a child, which is something Zero has never done, and even Yuki told him about that and told him to stop. So I was really disappointed to see that kaname had treated Yuki for a whole year, while they were living together, like an infantile child and forbid her to go out. It's really sad to see her character regress like that. All her pep is gone. When the serie starts Yuki is 16, so a year later she's 17. It's a way too late to treat someone like a baby.

The manga started turning for the worse from the second part and ended really badly. The author completely ignored all the characters and focused on Kaname and Yuki. Also, the art went from good to bad as well, making it looks bad, and the characters all look the same, making it hard to differenciate them. The ending was bad and confusing. It's sad to see that the manga had so much potential but it went AWOL after Yuki leaves with Kaname at the end of the first part.

I don't plan to finish getting the manga volumes, I'll keep the good part of the manga and ignore the rest.

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