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Old Man's War by John Scalzi
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Jan 16, 14

really liked it
bookshelves: sci-fi
Read from August 06 to 19, 2012

I loved this book from start to finish. I loved the premise, loved the action, loved the protagonist, I even loved the aliens. And I'm confident a lot of the aliens would love me back - in a purely culinary kind of way.

Set in the far future, Earth has branched out to colonize as much of the known Universe as possible for the survival and betterment of the human race. Unfortunately, we are not alone among the stars. Every form of intelligent life from here to the end of the space time continuum has pretty much the same idea. There is a cosmic land grab under way and every inch of interstellar real estate has to be contested and defended for any human colony to be viable.

And that's where the Colonial Defence Force (CDF) comes in. A privatised military army whose sole purpose for being is to defend us from them (and to protect its patented technology and reserve all rights to profit from same without interference from any human or alien government etc etc .. refer to fine print at the bottom of the page blah blah blah).

Of course, an expanding colonisation program requires an expanding military and so every human being anywhere has the opportunity to join up at the age of 75. You may wonder what use old farts are going to be where you have to out think, out fight, and out kill whatever monstrosity the universe throws our way. Well son, it just so happens, that the CDF is able to bio engineer you a brand new body, complete with a ten year warranty to ensure you are able to live a physically enhanced life as a Warrior of the Colonial Defence Force human race (disclaimer - 10 year warranty only extends to normal wear and tear or parts replacement due to faulty manufacture. Warranty will not cover you for beheading, liquification, or digestion in alien stomach fluids).

So step right up! Sign up for the advancement and well being of your fellow man. Renew your youth. Enjoy superior health with insurance thrown in as an extra. See the colonies in the wider universe. These are just the benefits we are authorised to advise you of before you join. After you join you will of course be introduced to the bonus benefits - like having a reasonable chance of your face being sucked off by oversized mandibles, being impaled from below by burrowers, goupified by fungus, or if you are really lucky - starring in an episode of Galactic Iron Chef, where YOU are on the menu.

So meet John Perry, our protagonist who, with nothing and no one left to live for, signs on the dotted line. We follow his progress from old fart to badass soldier as he embarks on a journey of rediscovering himself - Does his new life make him less human, or more than human? You'll have to decide for yourself. In the meantime suit up - grab your MP-35 and lock and load. Because we are going to have us some alien busting fun! Oohrah!

An easy 4 stars and I'm off to grab the next book in the series.

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spikeINflorida Super cool review. It helps us average guys to understand the general story line. Good reading!

David Sven Thanks Mike

Tamahome My BrainPal™ approves.

Jason How have I not read this book yet???

David Sven Tamahome wrote: "My BrainPal™ approves."

Say thanks to Asshole for me.

David Sven Thanks John

message 7: by Joel (new) - added it

Joel great review. I too loved this book.

David Sven Thanks Joel

message 9: by Hanne (new) - added it

Hanne Love the review. And i think this might be your best introduction-to-a-review so far. I'm sure the Aliens would love you, David ^^

David Sven Thanks Hanne. I think aliens would love me so much - I'd get all their digestive juices going.

message 11: by Hanne (new) - added it

Hanne Just make sure you quickly insult a dragon before the aliens get to you. At least you'll get eaten by someone magnificent then! ;)

Terence You seemed to enjoy that human's are good eating far more than I did. When intelligent beings are making human meet farms I feel a bit queasy. I can deal with it more when it's feral beasts, but I've always been squeamish about things eating people.

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