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Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
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Oct 26, 12

it was ok
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Read on October 26, 2012

Reviewed for On a Book Bender.

I honestly don't know how I feel about this book. On the surface, it has a lot of elements that I should enjoy -- a coming of age story, the potential for star-crossed love, mermaids (and mermen!) -- but... I found myself annoyed by the main characters far more often than not. FAR MORE!

To start with, Galen is supposed to be an ambassador of sorts for the humans. And by that, I mean that as a general rule the humans don't know he exists and yet he spends a lot of time not in the royal caverns. Or something. I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what his position as an ambassador entails. Anyway, for someone who's supposed to be a go-between between humans and Syrenas the guy is kinda clueless about how one is supposed to ​act​ around humans. o.O O.O O.o (this is my puzzled face, can you tell?) I just don't get how someone whose job was to interact with humans as needed could be so terrible at actually interacting with them.

Emma, on the other hand, wasn't ​bad​ as a character, exactly. She had weird mood-swings that didn't seem warranted sometimes but then she is described as being feisty so I guess I get that. My problem was that I never really connected with her. She's grieving the loss of her best friend (whom I didn't like based on the very short time we spent with her -- but that's just me thinking that best friends shouldn't delight in humiliating their BFF in front of a hot guy. I'm so crazy, I know!) and she's dealing with some big issues but she felt... inconsistent, maybe, in her interactions with Galen and his family.

Speaking of family, Galen's twin sister Rayna... how do I put this nicely?... she acts like a spoiled child -- hurting people when she doesn't get her way, blurting out secrets left and right, being a bitch even when she's being "nice". And everyone's okay with that. EVERYONE'S OKAY WITH THAT. Why? Why is everyone so quick to forgive her for being a spiteful hellion? There's no reason. She's not charming. She's not working through some major issues that could maybe, I don't know, explain away why she BLAMED EMMA FOR NOT SAVING HER BEST FRIEND DURING A SHARK ATTACK. Dude. Not cool. And Galen's like "Well, she could have been more tactful." and I'm thinking "REALLY? YOU THINK!?!?!?" Look, in my Big Book of Morally Conscious Things NOT To Do, it clearly states that blaming someone for another person's death when they had nothing to do with it is NOT COOL.

Like I said, I don't know how I feel about this book. I like the idea behind it more than anything. My biggest issue was that I didn't like any of the characters enough to overlook their glaring personality flaws. Well, I liked Galen, I guess. Rayna's dude was okay. Everyone else, though... on the take 'em or leave 'em scale, I would have dropped them like a hot potato.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

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