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The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan
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Nov 08, 2013

really liked it
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Read in August, 2012

OMG just reading this made me feel so nostalgic. Ahh, the good old days with Percy <333 I can't believe how much I missed him. Even though he was in the Son of Neptune, it just wasn't the same as his first person POV.

Anyways, lets start with Luke's story.
Basically, it was brilliant. It made sense, was a great story in its own right with an awesome plot, and it connected the dots in the mysteries in The Last Olympian like how Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth met, how they got Aegis, the celestial bronze knife, etc. It added a whole new depth into Luke's personality, such as how he started to hate the gods so much. I loved it. I even compared the last scene where (view spoiler). I compared the one in The Last Olympian and the one in this one.

YAY I MISSED HIM SO MUCH. He's still the same sarcastic goofball as usual. And his relationship with Annabeth is like the cutest thing. They still bicker sometimes, but that's part of their charm, kinda like Ron and Hermione. Also, I'm glad Rick didn't overdo the romance with sappyness and that Annabeth is still pretty badass. The cuteness of blossoming first love (omg I sound so cheesy, but I ship Percabeth so muchh <33) was clearly shown and I was awwww-ing at the cute moments. Oh Percy. I love you so much for that. Oh and George and Martha are as awesome as ever. The plot was awesome too. Reminds me of the demigod files. Also, it was good how Rick added the foreshadowing for the Heroes of Olympus stuff.

(: Leo was my favorite of the Lost Hero trio, so I was so happy that he got his own story. He's still the same clown. Super entertaining. Honestly, I wish he was the main character in the Lost Hero instead of Jason who in my opinion, was a teensy bit boring. Leo's POV is like reading a comedy show. Though I kinda wanna know how Jason and Piper ended up together. You would've thought that was important enough to add to the story as in the Lost Hero, Jason an Piper were pining away for each other, but oh well. Maybe we'll find out in The Mark of Athena! :D I thought the thing was Buford was high-larious . And just overall awesome.

Son of Magic
Woahh I did not expect that. It started a little slowly, but became better later. It explains how the Mist works and how monsters "smell" monsters. And though Alabaster was a cool kid even though he worked from Kronos, I could totally see his side of the story. I was a little miffed at how much he seems to dislike Percy as Percy was the one who got the minor gods and goddesses to be accepted, but it makes sense, as Percy kinda led the assault that killed hundreds of his comrades and stuff. And it was cool how Haley, Rick's son included a mortal in the story. I wonder if we'll see Claymore and Alabaster in the Mark of Athena :O

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