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City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
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Jul 13, 12

it was ok
bookshelves: series, fantasy
Read from June 05 to July 13, 2012

Hrm. I barely know how to begin reviewing this one. I finished it, quite literally, five minutes ago, because I realized how long I had been putting it off. Whenever you dread having to pick up a book again, and are doing it merely for the purpose of being able to finish it for good, you know it's certainly not going to get past two stars. I almost struggled with giving this one star, in fact, but realized for the sake of the slight, guilty pleasure and escapism it gave me, it deserves a bit more.

Reading this was nearly eye-opening, as it made me realize I never want to read young adult fantasy again. There are a couple that, yes, are enjoyable and well-written (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Tamora Pierce, etc.) but more often than not do I pick them up with a bit of hope, and set them down with more than a bit of boredom. The writing is all at about the same standards; cliche's are thrown about every other sentence; and the characters...I mean, isn't it always the nerdy, plain-looking girl and that unbelievably gorgeous guy? I find that I would have enjoyed this series so much more had Jace been dull looking, and not so characteristicly cocky--but rather, a realistic teenager. Is that so much to ask, so I don't have to plow my way through long descriptioins on his breath-taking chest and golden hair?

Like many others, I hadn't even known this book was in the making, having ended the last one with the thought that the series was finished; it was time to move on. All good things--and even things not so good--must come to an end at a certain point, and forgive me for saying this, but it just seems she's pushing them out for the sake of money at this point. If she writes another one in the series; I will most certainly not read it. Finishing this, I had to force myself through the last hundred pages or so, because the hissy voices, cutting your palm to pour blood into a 'sacrad cup', the drawn-out action scenes...etc. I can only take so much of it before feeling like I've read that same section in the story twenty other times. What's happened to creativity? Your audience may be mainly teenagers, but that doesn't mean you need to water-down your writing to fifth-grade standards and use the same plot-style over and over again.

Now, for my last point: Clary. Ah...Clary. Upon begining the series, I was okay with her; she was neither terribly interesting, nor terribly horrible, and I read through the book with a luke-warm feeling about her. The hate didn't truely begin until this book. Her loyalty towards her annoying mother no matter what happens; her clinginess to Jace and obnoxious hate for Sebastian...it all got to me. In fact, (nobody send me mean messages for this, please) Sebastian's ended up being my favorite character, him and Magnus. Why? They have at least a bit of depth to them, and I would almost rather Clary end up with Sebastian than I would with Jace. Yes, yes, brother-sister...ick, but whatever. I found myself more interested in their personalities than any of the other one-dimensional characters.

So...there. Goodbye, Mortal Instruments. Please stop writing, Cassandra.

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06/05/2012 page 150
28.0% "I thought she was finished with this series; I really, really did. Oh well; I have no will power. I couldn't help myself when I saw it in the store."
06/11/2012 page 350
66.0% "Well, I'll be honest; these books are rather delicious in the same way as an enormous tub of cookie-dough. You know you're sort of wasting your time and you'll regret it afterwards, but while you're in the moment you can hardly get enough."
06/20/2012 page 400
75.0% "Clary and her mother--very, very annoying at this point. I'm ready for one (or hopefully both) to die."
06/26/2012 page 430
81.0% "I'm quite sick of the whole 'should we sleep together yet or not' thing in young-adult books nowadays. It's just dull; I like this series, but it feels more like the Twilight concept as it goes along. Just decide if you want to have sex or not. All this pitter-patter is annoying, and unimportant to the story."
07/05/2012 page 431
81.0% "I updated this by one page, just because I was bored of seeing the status every time I opened goodreads. I can't find the book, and I don't have enough interest in it, honestly, to go on a search parole. So...I suppose it may be put on hold for a while."

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