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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
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Sep 13, 2009

it was amazing
Read in December, 2008

When Jessica was a baby she was adopted by her sweet and loving vegan hippie parents. Her old name was Antanasia and she came from Romania, but that life has long been left behind. At least, until a handsome yet slightly annoying exchange student from her homeland shows up. His name is Lucius Vladescu and he basically appears on Jessica's doorstep, takes over her house and her school and he talks about crazy and impossible things. For instance, he insists that he is a blood drinking vampire and he has come to claim Antanasia...um...Jessica as his bride because she is a vampire princess. Seriously? Jessica is just a normal high school senior who is more of a mathlete than a princess. She doesn't even look like a princess, and lets not get into the vampire thing!

As the school year goes on, Lucius becomes more persistant in his quest to claim Jessica's hand. No matter how much she resists and rejects him, he just keeps coming back. Even when Jess gets herself a boyfriend he just won't let her go. But that is not the real problem. The more time she spends near him, the more she realizes that she needs him. Not only that, she's starting to believe that maybe his delusions of vampirism are not delusions after all. So if he is a vampire, that means, oh, heck. What does it mean?

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark side is funny, sweet, romantic and a little bit dark and dangerous. Jessica is a great character and role model. As the story goes along, she becomes more confident in herself and she truly embodies that of a royal princess. Lucius may be a dark vampire prince, but in his rather amusing letters to home he shows a vulnerable side to himself as he struggles to understand the American teenage culture and he tries to win Jessica's heart. This book has definitely won mine.
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Dayna I just finished this book yesterday and I was very pleased with it. I would say lots more but I don't want to spoil the fun for anyone that might read your review. :)

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