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The Knowland Retribution by Richard Greener
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Jul 06, 2012

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Read from June 05 to 29, 2012

"The Knowland Retribution" (The Locator, #1) by Richard Greener is the payback three years after Texas Knowland & Sons packing plant sends E.Coli contaminated ground meat across Southern U.S. "left 864 dead and thousands more sickened" p133 (no count of permanent disabilities), three generations of lawyer Leonard Martin's family painfully dead. Dr Ganga Roy "lovely Indian" p79 spends 12 boring and harrowing SARS-like symptomatic pages advising corporate bigwigs that their hypothetical circumstances was unlikely to kill, unless DNA mutated. When proved wrong, she mails her suicide note, the meeting record of guilty participants, to Leonard. He retires, drops from sight in a remote wilderness acreage where he can slim down and train on top-quality long-range guns. Isobel Gitlin, a white Fiji island-cosmopoitan-accented stuttering publicity-shy New York Times obituary columnist, first connects three murders to the cause p130. Two of the richest surviving villains, hyper-nasty top company owner Nathan Stein and second blustery Irish Tom Maloney hire mid-fifties Vietnam vet divorced Walter Sherman from Caribbean island St John's, known as "The Locator" after three weeks of jungle horror and subsequent career. Blue-eyed, but grey-haired in his mid-fifties, he mourns ex-wife Gloria, and drinks Diet Coke with breakfast. Will thirty million buy his silence, or a contract on Leonard?

X-rated for F-words, VietCong torture p336-341, "old enough to be your dad" p155 hot tumbles p247, and explicit colonic threat p317 when he learns Maloney hired another team who would kill Isobel and Leonard both. Specifications about weapons may be accurate; buried in DNA bacteria-virus combination jargon is the too-common misconception that virus-caused influenza could be cured by antibiotics, ignorant patients who insist on prescriptions from compliant doctors, spawning resistant new bugs and SARS crisis epidemics. Research effluent stops suspense, encourages skimming. A sequel will answer how different was the televised version.

In the just (May 2012) cancelled amusing and fast-action TV series, "The Finder" is a cute scruffy young veteran from Afghanistan, talent accentuated by wartime explosion damaging brain, into a physical compulsion and phenomenal ability to find what he seeks. Isobel is an ambitious resident U.S. marshal; their "friends with benefits" relationship disguises mutual love. Business partner chocolate-skin Leonard, older owner of remote Florida Key bar "Ends of the Earth", handles money transactions. After his wife and daughter suffered fatal food poisoning, his large body fell into the same documented abyss of depression, booze, obesity, retirement from high-flying dodgy big law firm. But here he spouts world philosophy wisdom and credits Walter for curbing murderous vengeance. He employs, and backyard trailer houses Willa, adorable snub-nose teen with long wavy blonde locks, a Gypsy inherited ability to unlock, questionable clan commitments, and knit caps that turn from brown to blue in the same scene. I just caught up with all the episodes when the series ended abruptly. The hot sun, sky and skin plus comic relief made the fun unique. trailer promo petition

Leonard promises the last two that if they subsidize a new consumer organization run by Isobel, and subsist on $500 weekly, they can live, then vanishes. Walter donates his fee there too. Isobel dumps Walter for the new job in Atlanta. Does the second book influence the TV series more?)

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