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October Sky by Homer Hickam
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Jun 05, 2012

Read in May, 2012

The book I have read is called October Sky by Homer Hickam. A Memoir. The book October Sky is about a boy that lives in a town called Coalwood. Homer as a dream to become a rocket scientist but his dad believes that he will work in the coal mine just like him. Homer has a brother named Jim who is a Football star that gets all of the girls. There's a girl in Homer's school that Homer likes but she doesn't like him back. Her name is Dorthy. Homer and his friends start to build rockets and put things together and launch the rockets into the air and find the best. Homer's teacher gives him the idea to enter in a science fair and soon enough Homer enters the science fair and and wins.

I personally think that this book was pretty good. I liked how at the beginning of the book Homer's rockets were really bad and didn't work but then towards the end all the rockets started to work and everyone was proud of Homer and his friends for what they have done. I thought that is was funny that Homer likes Dorothy and then when their school dance comes along Homer is about to ask Dorothy to dance but then Homer's brother takes Dorothy to dance instead.

I would give this book a 4 out of 5 for a rating because it had lots of details about the certain events that happened and didn't really leave me hanging anywhere in the book. It was surprising that the book was that good. I thought that the book would have been one of those normal boring books but it was actually a good book to read. I really did enjoy this book

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