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Tranquility's Blaze by Krista D. Ball
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Mar 06, 14

bookshelves: first-reads, strong-female-protagonist
Read from June 21 to 29, 2012

goodreads giveaway authors could take a page from ms. ball's book. when i received tranquility's blaze in the mail, after much squeeing and rejoicing, i said to myself, "huh. i'm going to need a bookmark for this." and right as i began to sift through my wastebasket for scraps of paper, i realized that ms. ball had included a bookmark. how considerate! in fact, she seems like a very hilarious, very nice lady. her bio at the end made me laugh: " hiding from necromancers. better safe than dead." lol! i would totally say something like that. solidarity!

i have mixed feelings regarding the book itself. the story was great, the characters were so-so, and the proofreading was terrible. i don't know whether this was vanity-published, or if the editor was just having a bad day, but there were grammatical mistakes everywhere. you know the ones when you're rewriting what you were going to say and accidentally use the wrong tense? loads of those. i found them very distracting, because they were sporadic enough that i'd forget about them and get back to the story and then BOOM! brain stumble.

the main character is named bethany who is half-elf, half-human, and half-goddess (don't ask me how that works out). she runs a training camp to teach her fellow warriors how to get down to business to defeat the huns dark magic.

i was torn between being amused/annoyed/admiring of/by bethany. she's almost- but not quite- a mary sue. here are some little tidbits about her to show what i mean:
-she insists that people treat her like a man. if they attempt to show her either comfort or courtesy, they get an ass-beating. if you hold open a door for her, you lose a testicle.

-she beats people up for calling her 'beth' because...i don't know? she's a bitch?

-she and one of her guards play this nasty trick on a soldier where the guard pretends to be murdered and she threatens to kill the solider for treason and he pisses himself and then she mocks him in front of all the other men. uhhh. why?

-she drinks a lot. i think she has a problem. she gets tanked when she finds out her evil sister is coming around to cause mayhem and horror. she grabs the bottle before losing her virginity. she drinks when she's happy, when she's sad, when she's anxious, or just bored.

-she is mentioned in a prophecy! so everyone takes a huge interest in what she does. every time she poops, people scurry off to read the prophecy of the diamond to see if the poop in question was ordained (okay, not really, but SERIOUSLY).

-she would seriously sleep in her armor if she could because god forbid anything resembling a dress dare rear its head in her presence.

-she is so compassionate that she hesitates before killing her evil sister. an entire village dies. oops! sorry. well, at least i still have a heart, right? *chipper smirk* *villagers glare*

-she takes a romantic interest in someone and then spends half the book angsting about it. when they finally do it, she immediately makes him her bitch (he's her secretary), and starts groping him while he's doing his work and commanding him to come (heh heh) to her bed all the time. do all her friends/advisers spy on her/get involved in this relationship? OF COURSE.

-she falls in love with him after she has a wet dream magical vision about him.

some unique cliche-benders about the relationship:
-arrago, the love interest, is a wuss. he actually failed boot camp but bethany felt sorry for him and made him her secretary. he's poor and awkward and bethany has to beat up his enemies for him.

-she is an inch taller than he is. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. well. except in love com which is SO CUTE. oh- and avatar: the last air-bender (but i was a zutara shipper, so that pissed me off).

-the sex scene between them was pretty romantic. i have to admit. EVEN IF IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

-she is the one who wears the pants in the relationship.

some annoying cliches about the baddies:
-they rape for the fun of it.

-they torture people for the fun of it.

-they threaten people for the fun of it.


overall, i enjoyed the story. there were a lot of things i didn't like, or that had me rolling my eyes, but the plot was pretty good. i feel like the magic system/mythology was too vague. it almost seemed as though there were a prequel/prologue that was missing, because i spent a lot of time scratching my head over that.

i also feel like beth/arrago didn't really have much chemistry. when it appeared, it sizzled, but there wasn't much build-up. just the vision and bethany going, "hmm. that wussy recruit has a nice ass."

definitely a must for fans of robin mckinley, and maybe tamora pierce. it's cheesy, but fun! and the cover is oh-so-pretty!

three stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. This in no way biased or shaped my reading or opinion of the book.
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40.0% "i really like the story but there's so many typos. every time i start really getting into it, i get distracted by tense mistakes that could have been fixed by a simple read through before publishing. :/"

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message 1: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Awesome review Pikachu! Sounds like an interesting book!

Nenia Campbell thank you kindly! it *was* interesting. i'm still not quite sure how i feel about it hahaha but overall, i'm swinging positive. :)

message 3: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell That's great to hear! :D

message 4: by Krista (new)

Krista D. I'm so happy that the book arrived! After the last one arriving soaking wet after crossing the border, I'm terrified to send them out.


Nenia Campbell Nope, my book arrived in mint condition, signed and everything. :) I'm keeping it, on the assumption that you'll be famous one day and I can brag about my spiffy first edition!

message 6: by Krista (new)

Krista D. That's what my step-kids say, too ;)

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