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Knight by Kristen Ashley
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Jun 04, 2012

really liked it
Read from June 07 to 16, 2012

** spoiler alert **
4.5 Stars

For a first venture into the Erotic genre Kristen Ashley has my attention. The characters were complex, intense and exciting. There was a dark and edgey side to Knight that left me feeling exhilerated one minute, then sad the next. The Heroine was amazing...possessing all the best things I admire about other woman.

Knight Sebring is like an onion to me, in that he has so many layers to peel through before you could get to the heart of him. As the story of his life became evident I began to understand him, and his values and why he did alot of what he did. He is so much more than an really handsome, multi-millionaire, albeit extremely controlling and intense man. His wants and desires, meshed with his need to control everything in his environment, and protect who and what he values in his life, bordered on dogma. That in and of itself has forged his intense personality, while knowing of his humble beginnings in life and what he has went through to get to where he is today, give not only creedence to why he behaves the way he does, but also his namesake.

Knight's mom was a prostitute who got pregnant and fought to keep him and love him the best way she could. She named him "Knight", as she literally saw him as the best thing that she ever accomplished in her life, and even at a very early age, he displayed courage and chivalry...that of a Knight, so he was like a Knight in shining armor to her. She loved him and he clearly loves and adores his mom too. This quality has stuck with him, but being in an atmosphere of sex and violence has also left an indelible mark on him, and he wields both as the tools of his trade. Once into racing, he left that world behind to open up a club with a seedy individual who was his silent partner. They disolve the partnership as Knight takes over the club and everything it entails to become the wealthy and powerful man he is today.

One evening he is hiding out on his balconey at his posh Condo, while his brother is throwing a huge party, when this beautiful and frazzled young lady walks into his bedroom to use the phone, and from this moment on Knight's whole world gets flipped upside down.

Anya Gage is beautiful, beguiling, and has lead a tough life. She lost her parents at the age of seven, only to go and live with her aunt who belittles her and makes her feel even worse about her life, or its prospects. She has decided at an early age that whatever she is to do, or have in life, it is something she must work for and earn. Her courage and independence, and sheer fortitude to stay the nothing short of amazing. Having little time for enjoying life, cause she is working two jobs just to scrape by, and going to school, leave her with few friends and not much money, but her spirit and perserverance, along with her compassion and love of life, make her a valuable friend and asset to have on your side. When she stumbles into Knight's bedroom to use his phone and explains that her cell phone isn't holding a charge, he is taken aback with her after he is dismissive and rude, but it isn't about her. He is pissed with his brother, and takes it out on Anya, but then calms and sees something in her, as she begins to apologize for barging into his private domain. Anya not only has lovely manners, but her kindness and a hint of the submissive side to her personality, coupled with her beauty, draw Knight in.

The attraction to each other is immediate, but Knight tries hard to distance himself from her as he feels he isn't a good person and doesn't want her to get mixed up with him, and his world. Like a moth to a flame though...he just can't help himself, and neither can Anya. His protective side takes over right away, as he picks her up and carries her down the hallway, over clothing and down to the parking garage where he puts her lovingly into his Aston Martin and takes her home. When Knight sees the neighborhood she lives in, and then the apartment complex and her apartment, his alarm bells go off. She is living in a place with no security...not even a dead-bolt on her door, or decent lighting in the hallway, or a working elevator. Knight is upset and worried for her and gets her inside to her apartment and checks it out before he leaves. The next day, the landlord is roughed up, and repairs all around the complex are being made, while a box containing an expensive cell phone are delivered to her there. She doesn't except the phone at first, but then relents when Knight points out the safety factor about having it. She wants to buy and do things for herself, but at the same time she realizes she doesn't want to offend Knight and that she really likes him too, so she excepts the phone graciously. Anya is bewildered at first as Knight hasn't even tried to kiss her, or make a move on her, but here he is giving her an expensive phone. Then Knight sends her three very expensive outfits...complete with shoes, and purses, so that she can go to his club in style and sit in the VIP section. When Anya goes out on the dance floor with her friends he realizes he must have her...all of her and issues a degree that she isn't to dance in his club, now or ever again. Knight can't stand to see every man in the club wanting her and he must put a stop to this. In his mind, Anya is his, and no-one messes with what is his!

For all his protectiveness and kindness by sending her nice gifts, he begins to question her motives as to why she has excepted the gifts. When she gets angry and tells him that it isn't about the money, or the gifts, but that he is being sweet to her and she likes that, he softens towards her and then their relationship really starts to develope. Knight has been sought after because of his extreme good looks, and especially for his money and power. He has never been liked for who he is, or shown the kind of love and compassion that he recieves from his mother by anyone...not even all the woman he has been around. As Anya lets him know how she feels about him, by her true love and exceptance of who and what he is, Knight's own inner beauty and kindness develope and bloom.

I loved how their relationship developed. His protective side and his love came through loud and clear, and even though he was somewhat demanding on her and probably pissed her off at times, Anya's ability to see past the handsome face, and his money and speak to his heart was incredible. She disarmed him inside the bedroom, and outside the bedroom by submitting to his will, but still keeping her independence and her own dreams alive. When she admits to herself and Knight that she is in love with him, and he responds in kind it was as if he let down all of his walls and really let her in.

Despite that fact that Knight made his Millions off of being a pimp, or running a stable as was referenced in the book, I believe his true motive for doing so, was beyond the money and power that he gained. I believe he did this to get all these woman/girls away from the sleazy ex-partner, and first and foremost...because he saw himself in the same capacity as being there to protect and defend his mother, and by extension to these woman, via his mom, being the Knight in shining armor to protect them from all of the evils he witnessed as a young child. The money and power were just what came with the job, but so too was the drain on his time, and emotional well being, as he worked round the clock to ensure the prosperity of the club and the protection of the girls, and the people he trusted, by helping to ensure they would have a better way of life by his presence. When he admitted this to Anya about his club and his dealings, she understood and instead of bolting from him, she was able to except him on his terms and see the greater good of his actions. Her loving him the way she did was the truest, sweetest, gift she could have given to him. Even though he didn't believe in a tradional marriage, per say...he put a beautiful ring on her left hand, and wore one on his left hand too, he also gave her a party to celebrate "Them", and their love, while proclaiming his utter devotion and the fact that he was her's and she was his. Knight's devotion and love of Anya also extended to her closest friends and he went out of his way to help her two best friends whenever needed. Clearly Knight would have done anything for Anya and his actions and sweet gestures spoke volumes about his inner being.

The sex between Knight and Anya was very sexy and hot!(light BDSM) I adored his passion towards her...he simple could not get enough of her and went at it several times a night, most every night. That kind of passion and devotion won Anya over, and is what woman truly desire from a man. The dominate side of him was something Anya loved immensely, in the bedroom especially. The only thing that seemed a bit off to me was when he wanted to be called "Daddy". For some reason that didn't sit well with me, as I view that as a term of endearment towards my father, so that was a bit creepy for me, but somehow, Kristen made it work for her character(s). Also, Knight's phrases and speech pattern drove me crazy at times, but I believe the author did this so she could magnify his intensity and show that despite his money and power, there was a raw and edgey Alpha male qualtiy of him that has been with him for along time...even before his wealth and stature.

For all the ups and downs, the intensity in the bedroom, the surprise ending with Anya being pregnant and Knight adoring the fact so much that he called his mom and step-dad in Hawaii right away, upon hearing that he is to be a father himself, just made my heart melt! He was so happy and in love and he in turn gave that back to Anya. When Knight makes reference to wanted two boys (and we know why), but is captivated by his baby daughter who is cradled in his arms...content and asleep, you could just sense the love he had for Anya and the baby.

Once again this story resonates that love and exceptance are the real miracles in life. Knight and Anya were able to be honest and true to themselves and each other while sharing their life together, learning from each other and taking and giving in equal measure.

I'm a hopeless romantic who loves a HEA, and seeing people who were hurt as children rise above to meet their wildest hopes and dreams make the story even better. The romance and the smoking hot sex are an added bonus. Knight could be classified as a Hero to his mom, Anya, and to the many life's that he has touched and made better, simply because he is protective, loving, generous and kind. Where he isn't perfect, he is far better than he realizes and Anya had a way to really bring out the best in him!

I can't wait to read the next installment in this series from Kristen.

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