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If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern
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Jun 05, 12

it was amazing
I own a copy

Sometimes we just need to let go. We need to relax, stop worrying and just enjoy ourselves. Take a break form the real world and all it stress and demand for perfection to be happy and free. You see, we all need to take a break every once in a while to let go , and many it come natural but for some it is difficult to break down the barrier holding them back.

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern is a creative story that takes place in a cozy small town in Ireland. Elizabeth Egan whole life has been around growing up and taking care of others. Her mother ran away when she a little girl leaving her father and her little sister Saoirse . Her father always believe that the mother would come back and he spent most of his time waiting while Elizabeth was pushed into adulthood taking care of him and her younger sister. As she grew up she made sure she would never be a "free spirit" like her mother. Yet her sister followed right into her mothers footprints. Saoirse got pregnant young and leaved her son,Luke, for Elizabeth to take care of. Due her lack of childhood she could never really connect with mothering but she tried her best.

Ivan is a carefree man whom job involves working with kids. Ivan job is an Imaginary friend. His job requires him to make friends with kid who need him and stay friends until they do not need his friendship anymore. When they do not need him anymore he starts to disappear to them also because he works in the kid department adults cannot see him as well. Luke desperate of a friend (considering all that's going on in his life) befriends Ivan. At first Ivan and Luke become friends and Elizabeth could not see him. Until one day she saw him. She thought he was Luke's friends dad and he went along with it. She starts seeing more and more of him. Ivan teaches her how to let out and to reach her inner child. Then they start to fall in love. Only one problem no one can see him but Elizabeth and Luke. Yet Elizabeth fail to notice because she was falling for him. They worked perfectly together and he taught her how to live but soon Elizabeth did not need him to teach her anymore and Ivan job kicked in and he disappeared.

This book was so well written! I love how she took the childish aspect of imaginary friends and made them a real life thing. She made a whole different world with the imaginary people. I really like how she gave reason why adult cannot see them or why kids grow out of imaginary friends it really makes you believe that imaginary friends are real. If your a child at heart, like love stories, have had a imaginary friend, or just a huge imagination I would recommend this book to you.

With a fun adventure on a childish habit Cecelia Ahern plays on the theme of the importance of having a childhood and still having a freedom a kid as you grow up. She tell Elizabeth story on how she never really had her childhood and how uptight she was but when Ivan came into her life she actually started living. Even if the story did not end in the clique happy sappy way, Elizabeth may not have gotten the boy but she got her life.

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