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The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
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Jun 04, 12

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** spoiler alert ** i only gave this book a 4star rating because im not sure if this is the old version or the new version, either way i enjoyed them both, in film and in writing. i first watched the original in a English writing lesson in year8, it scared me allot. thats when i realised i wanted to know more about it, i researched it and read the book strait away. a few years later a new one came out starting my favourite actor daniel radcliffe, i went the pictures to see it and cried my heart out it was amazing! i read the book and was a bit confused the beginning was quite boring but then it got more interesting and i read it in 24hours.

so are you now itching to know what its about?
the new version:
Arthur Kipps is a lawyer and his wife died giving birth to his son, he has a maid to help with him hes about 7. he has to go to a old house because the owner recently died (eel marsh house) to get all the paperwork together. to get to the house he has to go through a village and marsh the sea rises at certain times meaning the house becomes deserted with water all around, he gets to the house(cutting out the train ride and him meeting a friend who invites him to dinner with him and his wife the following day) in the house its old and stinks he goes for a walk in the garden and finds a small cemetery with a women by it he turns away and looks again and shes vanished.. he goes back in the house and all weir things start to happen. he goes back to the village and a young girl dies in his arms..

key to the film/book: every time the women in black is spotted a child in the village dies..

to find out more read the book or watch the film! you wont be let down!

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