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The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
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Dec 04, 13

really liked it
Read in July, 2007

My love for this book is a result of my lack of social skills. Much as I might try to generate conversation with strangers (and, occasionally, among friends) I usually just end up rambling awkwardly until uneasy silence takes over. So, at some point, I started employing zombies. As conversation topics, not servants. Though that would be cool.

"What would we do if we were attacked by zombies right now?" is an excellent way to get to know someone. Their willingness to participate in this line of thought with me is usually a pretty good indication that we can be friends. Plus, you get a sense of their attitudes, general knowledge, and strategizing capabilities. Is this someone you want on your side in a difficult situation? If not, why am I hanging around them, anyway?

One difficulty I've run into with this, though, is the question: What kind of zombie are we talking about here? The slow, shambling zombies of Romero? The fast-moving, rabid ones a la "28 Days Later"? Are they intelligent? Does their zombification come from biological, viral or demonic sources? Are they intelligent? What are their physical capabilities and/or limitations? To effectively plan, you need to know what you're up against.

Thankfully, The Zombie Survival Guide covers all of this and more: the appearance and symptoms of the Solanum virus, a history of recorded outbreaks, and information on what to do in a variety of likely scenarios. Weapons, tactics, how to prepare, even how to flee, should it become necessary.
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message 17: by Kate (new)

Kate Prentice Hi,

May i just say, you are genious. I wish my friends appreicated this art of conversation, i may say more if they did.


Ihartrob dude we should be friends. im serious every time i am in a room when im bored i think of a way to escape if zombies attacked.

Charriza I'm the same way! Hysterical! I'm really enjoying this book lol

message 14: by Becky (new)

Becky Beaudoin My best friend, my son, and I like to delve into the land of "what if the zombie apocalypse started tomorrow" whenever we are bored. It is never a dull conversation!!

message 13: by Erik (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erik I feel your inability to communicate effectively. Sooner or late you realize that you just hold ideas and conversations at higher standards than others and you surround yourself with people of similar magnitude.

On a separate note, best way to utilize a group into a zombie survival team is honesty. If someone sucks at leading but can farm like a boss, make it happen. Zombie invasions shut down all pretense, discrimination, and societal pressures and make you focus on what is best. See: Plato's "Republic"

message 12: by Logan (new)

Logan Hello there. Nice review, and I agree about the zombie-conversation bit. I've done it many a time, and had a few successes, and a few failures. Ah well. It's lots of fun though, between the friends I have, I've got about 14 zombie plans now. Give or take a couple of course.

message 11: by Juan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Juan Hey all! As an another uncomprehended zombie fan: is not that I like zombies, they are supposed to kill me ... unless I'm already dead :S ... anyway, as I was saying, you should check out the most "near to real" paranoid guys that call themselves: "preppers" (as they prepare themselves to a possible doomsday). Reasons they believe the world will end are several, including: global viral infection. Check them out on

message 10: by Logan (new)

Logan Meh, I'm already prepared with my zombie plans, and have a sharpened hatchet in the shed, not to mention a few hammers and loads of tinned food. But thanks anyway Juan.

Iris I read somewhere that if you prepare for a zombie apocalypse you're prepared for a few natural disasters... So why not cover it all? Getting to know someone & their survival/ strategical thinking isn't a bad thing. In fact even if you don't have to use these plans in a real zombie outbreak it's still nice to know they have the sense of humor & logical analyzing skills to consider this type of situation. If we've got brains to contemplate such things as battle scenarios against undead creatures then lets use 'em!

message 8: by Julie (new)

Julie The Zombie attack is the best conversation topic. So much more original than the "What would you do if you win the lottery", but both essentials to know someone!

Iris Yea some people like to use rather unusual ice breakers but just to know some people are intrigued by horror series such as The Walking Dead or zombie movies/ infections. They can be very interesting from a biological standpoint of transfer, or how the CDC or other government organizations contain the outbreaks. It's interesting because we know sometimes the FDA approves stuff then they find out later that it causes certain problems, like Ambien causes strange sleep behaviors (walking, eating, driving).

message 6: by Dan (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dan I also analyze rooms and find exits and melee weapons. BRAIINNNSS

message 5: by Chrisolu (new)

Chrisolu Haha, I "know" you from the Apoclypse group. I said to myself that you would love something like this.

Becky I would totally be your friend!

Nico Lol, best review.

Beau Johnston "What would we do if we were attacked by zombies right now?". We used to play a similar game as children, but the premise was that you had been kidnapped, and the kidnappers had temporarily left the room (the room we were actually in at the time). You had only a few minutes to escape before they returned. I'm sure our parents thought we were mad.

Reddreaddit I think I just fell in love with your review. And your humor. U sure you're lacking social skills? B/c this right here totally works for me!
...I'll go on and stalk your other reviews now, peace!

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