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Excuses Begone! by Wayne W. Dyer
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Jun 04, 2012

it was ok
Read in June, 2012

Loy Machedo’s Book Review – Excuses Begone! By Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer earned my fascination and respect with his Your Erogenous Zones when I was only 16 years old. Ever since I have made it an effort to ensure I am updated with whatever he has to offer. But somewhere along those 16 years, Dr. Wayne Dyer transformed himself from a person with a Scientific Reasoning to borderline Spiritual Nonsense, Mythical Garbage & Quantum Physical Crap.

In as much as I would love to thrash this book, I would say there are a few nuggets of wisdom worth sharing. So let me accept the challenge of being as fair as possible to both sides of the argument.

The Great Stuff
Wayne is an incredibly well read man. He cites examples, quotations and anecdotes from literally ever corner of the world. One moment he can be stating Tao Te Ching and the next moment he will zero down to the Bible and then before you know it, comes the Bhagwad Gita & Henry David Thoreau. If there is one amazing take away from this book, it is simply this – the library of information he has to share from so many different cultures and disciplines.
The book makes you contemplate many areas of your life – especially where vices like smoking, drinking, over-eating, depression, stress and a stress-filled life is concerned.
I have nothing but admiration for a man who has put so much of effort and heart into each and every principle he has had to share.

The Nonsense
Wayne has a habit of cherry-picking whatever he feels adds value to his argument – to the point he can ignore the rest of the facts. For instance, he will pick up feel good versus from the Bible – be it from the old chapter or new and expect us to give him the nod for his theory. And then you have the potpourri of mythical books like the Gita & the least understood concept of Quantum Physics and quotes from other luminaries – and volia, he expects you to buy what he has to say. What about the rest? One quote from a whole book supports your theory?
He keeps blabbering about how he is one with nature and one with the universe and talking about walks in the nature and swims in the pond to reach creative fulfillment (or something along those lines). Well – someone ought to give him a wake up slap and let him know normal everyday people cannot afford to take swims in the ponds or take walks in the forest without having the challenges of life breathing down the necks.
It is very easy for a man who earns a lot of residual income from the sale of his Books, Audio Programs and DVD’s to harp about charity and giving selflessly without thought of tomorrow. I think as he is getting older, he is slowly losing his cuckoos.

Overall Review
There seems to be a dying breed of the New Age Spiritual Guru’s with their Recycled Garbage, Trivial Thoughts, Attract the Invisible and ‘You-Will-See-It-When-You-Believe-It’. Gone are the days where someone like Joe Vitale could flash around a fake title like Doctor of Metaphysics or like William Lane Craig - Doctor of Theology (Both sound more like Doctor of Fairy Tales and Bull Shit) and people would get impressed. I think people are tired of these know-it-all authors and writers who come up with this rubbish which cannot be explained just to increase their book sales and have enough money to – like how they say it – be one with the universe while swimming in the ponds without any thought of tomorrow.
This book will appeal to confused frustrated crackpots who pray to stones & images and believe in miraculous favors coming showered to them by some sky god simply because some nomadic herd wrote some mystical blabbering text on some script many years before science & reasoning had come into being. Or to those searching for the answers and expecting words like Dharma, Karma or Tao to solve their confusion.
Another literally waste product from an old man who has also lost his mind.

Overall Rating
3 out of 10.

Loy Machedo
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message 1: by Mason (new) - added it

Mason Lawlor "everyday people cannot afford to take swims in the ponds or take walks in the forest without having the challenges of life breathing down the necks."

That's quite the excuse right- there if I've ever heard one. Most people "will not", it's not that they cannot.

Which came first? Becoming a successful author or swimming in ponds? I would be willing to bet the latter. It's a matter of creating the conditions for a creative lifestyle.

Michelle Mormul I suggest a spell checker Loy.

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Gross Michelle, I know this is a year old at this point, but I just happened to stumble upon this review now and I am feeling compelled to mention that your comment gave me pause and actually made me go back and re-read Loy's entire review a second time because not only was I impressed at how incredibly well written it was, but being a stickler for spelling or grammar errors myself, I was confident that I did not catch a single mis-spelled word. And after the second time through, I am now very sure that his spelling was indeed flawless. There are however, some very complex difficult words in there so perhaps you just assumed some were spelled wrong because they "look funny" and you THINK they are spelled incorrectly? But no ma'am, the suggestion of a spell checker was not relevant in the least regarding this review.
And to you, Loy: I thoroughly enjoyed your detailed and honest review! My biggest pet peeve about Self Help authors is basically summed up in everything you wrote under 'The Nonsense'. So, thank you for saving me from this book

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