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Read My Lips by Teri Brown
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Jun 04, 12

bookshelves: popularity, school, ya, friendship, america, boy-meets-girl, deafness
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I like the idea behind this! New girl Serena is deaf, but is quickly adopted by the "popular" crowd when they find out she can read lips... imagine what secrets she can uncover! What gossip and dirt she can dig up! So yeah, they're totally using her, but at least one of the group (Rachel) is nice and less shallow about it all. Of course, there's also a super secret sorority that Serena might be able to get into. It's all very fun and bitchy, and such a fast read that I was done in no time.

I would have given it four stars had it not been for the obvious, generic romance subplot. Here you have such a unique idea (it's like mashing that episode of Seinfeld with Mean Girls!) but then it's dumbed down to include The Guy. Miller. On page three (page three) Serena meets his gaze and almost flinches at the "electrical current that leaped between us". Oh geez, we're only three pages in and already having to put up with that crap! And then of course he's all dark and brooding and moody and for some reason the popular girls don't like him, and there are a lot of cases of Serena being a bit of a jerk to him to keep the popular girls happy, and of course when Sonya* decides to pull her massive queen bee stunt she tells everyone that Serena was only using Miller, he was just a dare, and once she's in the sorority she'll drop him. So then like every other generic teen movie, Serena has to do some hasty damage control, and yawn. I enjoyed this so much more when it was just about the mean sorority girls.

*Serena initially thought Sonya's name was 'Sonar', which was awesome.

I also didn't really like Serena much from the first chapter or so. I was reading for the gimmick, and I'm glad I read on. Serena did become more likeable at least, but the first impression given of her - she's meant to be a "skater punk" and she apparently makes out with all the guys ever - just didn't appeal to me. And there was meant to be this whole thing about her giving up her individuality to be just another cardboard cut-out sorority girl, but that also wasn't shown that much. Serena actually went out skateboarding like once in the entire book, and in all other ways she already was pretty much like them in any case. It wasn't so much about her changing to fit in, it was about her letting herself be used. The resolution was a little weak, but at least she found that she had more actual friends than she'd realised.

Oh yeah, lastly? I didn't like the way Serena would go "what?" each time she missed something. It turned me into Bridget Jones' mother, all "don't say 'what', darling, say 'pardon'."

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Rachel I understand where you're coming from.
To me, though, there has to be some sort of high school romance in the book, even if it is typical and cheesy and stupid.
You make a good point though (:

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