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The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
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For a book featuring such a ridiculously awesome holy-crap-are-you-seeing-what-I'm-seeing cover, there were lot of things that I was not wild about.

Tate was a somewhat uninspiring love interest. I get that Mackie is attracted to her because she’s so anti-establishment, and rages against the dark, and is so full of the anger, and also is good looking. But I just didn’t personally care much about her, except for that last kickass moment at the end where she was beating the shit out of (view spoiler) with a freaking crowbar. Like a boss.

The Morrigan and her court, whilst described in such delicious gothtastic detail that I caught myself drooling a couple of times, were a little nonsensical. They play music… so that people adore them… so that they can feed off the adoration… so that the townspeople, um, still need to offer human sacrifices? I feel like I’m missing something here. Maybe I read it wrong. Or maybe they’re supposed to be nonsensical because they’re faeries? Gah!

And finally, I hate the name “Mackie.”

In retrospect, Mackie’s horrible name may have been a legit justification for his other small issue, namely…

But guys.


Emma saved this book for me.

Well, maybe not “saved” because to be honest I would have enjoyed it well enough anyway. Anything containing lines like Mackie, don’t take this the wrong way, but all my life you’ve been the weirdest person I’ve ever met. That doesn’t make you not a real person. In fact, it makes you pretty goddamn specific. is a cause for celebration as far as I’m concerned.

But she hands-down was the main contributor to my squeeing.

Because books about fairies are a dime a dozen, kids. And books about changelings, while not as common, certainly aren’t rare. And rescue-type books, with witty banter and awesome sidekicks and references to the author’s favorite bands—they’re all over the place.

But books that break down sibling relationships, and the older/younger sibling dynamic, in a non-drama-filled way… those are harder to find. Even surrounded by zombie girls and fairy guitarists and oooooh evil, that particular aspect of the story shone out.

Emma and Mackie love each other. She’s the ultimate big sister, and Mackie adores her for it. She loved Mackie from the second she saw him sitting in her brother’s crib, when the two of them stared silently at each other all night instead of her wisely going for help. She studies fairy tales to the point of obsession (“I said the Twenty-third Psalm.” “You chased them away by quoting Bible verses?” “I read, Mackie.”), cultivates friendships with otherworldly creatures, fights her parents, and does whatever the hell it takes to protect her younger brother.

And it’s amazing.

Anyway, the stories always missed one crucial thing. Mothers didn’t love the hungry, scary things that replaced their kids. It wasn’t their fault or anything. They just couldn’t bring themselves to love something that awful. But maybe sisters could, if they were miraculously unselfish, if the trade happened when they were young enough.

My whole life, Emma had just been there. Cutting my hair with the aluminum kindergarten scissors just so I didn’t have to go to the barbershop downtown, with its metal countertops and its stainless steel shears. Making me breakfast, making sure I ate and went out with my friends and did my homework. Making sure nothing bad happened. I wanted to hug her and say that everything was much better than she believed. It was just so strange that she couldn’t see.

“Emma—” I got a tight feeling in my throat and started again. “Emma, Mom didn’t make me like this. Keep me alive this long… You did.”


Hang on, I just… I need a minute.
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Miriam She has a new book out that looks good, too...

Monica! Miriam wrote: "She has a new book out that looks good, too..."

Doesn't it, though?? I've been on hold for it for weeks now--but it hasn't been released through my library system yet. Curses!!

Jessica I just read her new I'll have to read this one!!

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Yes! You must! It was awesome!

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