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Dream Lover by Suzanne Jenkins
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Jul 06, 12

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When I see a lot of the reviews for all three books, I find a lot of the negative ones missing the point of a book review.

A book review should benefit the writer as well as the reader but instead the reviews seem rude and very immature. Every person out there can relate to a book or the characters. So what if a character is wishy washy? When Pam of Babylon opens you meet Jack and then Sandra, each Character is slowly brought to life. By the time Jack dies--the real deep part of the story starts to pull you in. You soon find out what each person feels, breathes and lives about their lives. Lives they thought they had. It's a rude awakening. The things in life we all have experienced in some form.

Pam in my opinion is on a journey, she has so many questions about who and what her life was and is about, you are along for the ride. Suzanne the writer has given you the "eyes wide shut" glasses to wear. This is real life and people sometimes can't handle that. They don't want to know this is how life is for others or maybe they can relate?!

By the time I made it to Dream lover I was amazed that so much time had passed and who didn't wish they could get in Jack's face?! I couldn't believe a man could get away with all this but remember people do this every day and they do get away with it. Fools some of us are to the people we love or think we love.

I want to know where Pam goes from here, I need to know. If you got the one thing I did from this series, it's that no matter how blindsided Pam was, you want to know she beat this bullshit life she lived in some way and damn it people did learn and benefit from the mess Jack made of their lives even if he passed Aids/HIV on to them. They over came or adapted.

Every moment we spend with a person teaches us something about ourselves, even when that person let's us down. Yes Jack really did a fine job of that. Yet it brought strangers together, they had the choice to walk forward or simply walk away

Just like the choice we have to finish a book and say hey I loved it, it made me cry, I hated it, and so on...However you don't get to tell the author how to write their story, never let the word horrible pass your lips because writing isn't dictated to us, its a story that comes to life in a person's head and they write it down and share it with us the audience.

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